I tried using the robot vacuum cleaner "Rumba 630" of the 40,000 yen range at home Report

Cleaning robot "Roomba (Rumba)" which inhales the garbage in the room automatically and makes it clean. As the new model was released, I decided to borrow the actual machine and actually use it to check various usability.

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▼ Photo review

The package looks something like this. This time I used "Roomba 630(48,500 yen including tax) ".

Besides the main body, in addition to the main body, there are docks for charging, batteries, remote control, cleaning comb, replacement filter, instruction manual etc, to "virtual wall" × 2 which creates a virtual wall that prevents entry of the room.

The body size is about 34 cm in diameter. The weight including the battery is about 3.7 kg and it is possible to carry without burden even with one hand.

Since it has a handle, it is convenient when you want to move quickly.

There are three buttons on the main body. If you want to clean automatically, you can simply press "CLEAN" in the center, press OK, "SPOT" intensively clean the narrow range, press "DOCK" will self-propelled and return to the charger .

When you press the "DOCK" button on the main unit, please check the state that Rumba goes back to the charge stand automatically in the following movie.

"Roomba (Rumba) 630" to return to the dock by yourself - YouTube

The back side looks like this.

The brush that pulls hair etc. adjusts the angle automatically, so it can correspond to different floor surfaces such as flooring and carpet.

Since wheels driven by a motor can be overcome if they are steps of up to about 2 cm, you can pass without difficulty if it is a general household threshold or lower frame.

front wheel.

Rotating brush for squeezing out rubbish falling in the corner of the wall.

The inhaled garbage is put into the box at the back.

When I tried to put out trash after use, it was not possible to throw garbage without staining the hand at all for the household vacuum cleaner, but if it gets used it can be done in less than 30 seconds.

I tried putting out the trash of "Roomba (Rumba) 630" - YouTube

◆ I tried using

Tatami floor can run and clean without any problem.

Even if you touch something fluffy such as futon, you will properly recognize it as an obstacle and change direction.

Slippers and other relatively lightly moving obstacles will change direction after several collisions so if you leave the slippers off in the hallway or the like, there may be times when the places are off after cleaning. not.

It is possible to run on the mat laid on the floor without problem. If you hit the uprise place you may recognize it as an obstacle, but in most cases there is no problem.

It also enters the place where desk legs and legs of the chair are complicated and cleanses us.

A straight line corridor with no obstacles etc is the place where Roomba is the best.

The way the round rumba tried to clean the garbage falling in the square corner of the room is as follows. There is not completely garbage disappearing after cleaning by Rumba, but it is beautiful to the extent that you do not mind if you do not see it so closely.

I tried cleaning the corner of the room with "Roomba (Rumba) 630" - YouTube

Even when the door of the bathroom is open, it falls with Goron and stops. When I actually used it this way I was going to do the cleaning automatically when I was leaving the house and it turned out like this.

Although it is not so bad that it falls when the entrance hall goes down, it is like a weak point in Roomba, which is a subtle height step that will stop when you try to get over it.

So, if there is a step that is difficult for Roomba, a cord that is easy to get into, or a long rug of hairy legs, you can avoid entering by setting "virtual wall".

How will Roomba's course change with and without virtual wall? Please check it with the following movie.

"Roomba (Rumba) 630" to recognize the virtual wall - YouTube

In the case of a step with a height difference such as a staircase, the built-in sensor recognizes it and it is possible to avoid falling.

I checked if "Roomba (Rumba) 630" can recognize a step - YouTube

Also, if you want to clean while manipulating a narrower range yourself, you can also move it using the remote control as follows.

I tried "Roomba (Rumba) 630" with remote control - YouTube

So, as a result of actually using it at home, the impression that we have reached a practical level sufficiently if we do not seek perfection. For someone who thinks "Rumba does not have a single dust after cleaning" it may seem like it will only do quite a bit of work, "Even if it can not be cleaned up at once, the next You should do enough for those who say "You can do it at the time."

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