Zombies worldwide fighting movie "WORLD WAR Z" trailer for the whole human being fighting against zombies in the whole world release trailer movie, the amount of zombies to an unusual level

"The mysterious plague that occurred in the hinterland of the end of the world, it all began, the dead who resurrected after releasing high fever and death Central Asia, Brazil, South Africa ... Epidemics spread and eventually outbreaks USA, Russia, Germany, Japan ... The world is covered with a group of dead people Panic covers the land and floods the sea Soldiers, politicians, businessmen, housewives, geeks, spies. The civilization collapses and the city is flames wrapped Among them, how did they fight this unprecedented crisis? "So, all over the world zombies are overflowing, all humanity fighting zombies and gradually being chased as the crisis of human race is at stake, but after victory In the world, what on earth was that fight? By looking back in the form of a report, based on the original which depicted the appearance of a strange real zombie world war, the title is also the same as "WORLD WAR ZThe trailer movie has been released.

WORLD WAR Z - Official Teaser Trailer - United Kingdom - YouTube

The usual city that is congested

Family human comic chatting in the car

Dad is Brad Pitt, a UN official

And, as I hear something, I look up and ...

A helicopter.

Somehow disturbing air starts to flow, open the door and go outside.


Further car thrown in

The city quickly enters a panic situation where people are running away

The figure of the army.

The tragedy begins to spread

People escaping with full power dash


Cities that start to burn up

And it turns out that this situation is happening all over the world

The world that begins to collapse

Spreading zombies in a blink of an eye

Normally, such zombie movies will not be on stage too big flames

Developed as the largest disaster in human history that about 4.4 billion people in the world population will be lost

A zombie growing explosively tremendously

Battle on the bridge

Brad Pitt trying to escape

Relief by helicopter

Cities with overpopulated populations already rushed to ruins by the hands of zombies

Because the mainland of the United States can no longer hold hands, go to the ship

All over the world panic

Dodot dodo



Zombies clinging to a helicopter

Shoot and shoot and shoot

If it is an ordinary movie, it ends with "Zombies occurred, everyone cooperated, cooperation!" In the case of this original, it is the point that passed beyond that "beginning of the end" and further down there beyond that point Human beings are being chased by tremendous efforts.

What can we do for a zombie that has become an unprecedented catastrophe all over the world?

Even if you build a wall and isolate it, the zombies are too terrible scenes to take on the dead zombies as a stepping stone


Scheduled to be released on June 21, 2013, the disclosure in Japan is still unknown at this time

Incidentally,AmazonA lot of excellent reviews have been posted about the original on the original and it looks like the following.

A "Redka · Plan" that earns time to reorganize the military by making some of the people a live feed to attract zombies. Under the permission of Former President Mandela, South Africa implemented and made certain effects, countries around the world began to imitate. To efficiently "separate" zombie-infected people who have not yet developed illness among a large number of refugees, the Russian troops will use nerve gas for their citizens ... and so on. It also feels fearful that the state cuts down its citizens with extreme circumstances in the extreme situation, while also depicting the groom that the zombies eat and kill humans. Therefore, on the contrary, the appearance and behavior of the people who brought up courage and wisdom under extreme conditions seemed outstandingly beautiful. Astronaut who kept staying in space beyond the limits of the body for the maintenance of artificial satellite. An Indian officer who blew up the pass road in exchange for his life and stopped the invasion of the zombies. If you abandon the people and you can not translate themselves alone, the Queen of England who kept stopping in England until the very end ... and so on. Romero works are made of irony criticism of human society and irony, but this work not only includes criticism of society, but also human praise.

Unlike a common zombie horror, zombies are overflowing in the town, the hero and his friends get away from the zombies, or the feeling that they standing by the shopping mall stands up, after a zombie occurs on a global scale I will listen to stories from people who survived the interview in a reporting format at a later date.

The coming out zombies are zombies that are faithful to the basics of moving the people generally attacking people and eating meat, but the behavior is generally quite troubling zombies even if they can act in the water.

I was reading a story about how human beings overcame the global calamity, I thought that was the case.
The experiences of the surviving people are written real stories about how people escaped from the disasters of various people such as politicians, soldiers, housewives, neighbors, doctors, etc., and what they think now We are.

The zombie thing story fixed form, the end movie, the survival without escape place and the collapse of the community are all overturned and it is a story of "story beyond the end", "global", "united of mankind" Zombie things are amazing.
In addition, there was nothing in the zombies things, wise / selfish and bravery / courage and cowardice / hatred and affection.

By the way, as a Japanese, Otaku and blind hibakusha appear.
What I can not miss absolutely as a SF fan is a person named Dr. Komatsu who calculated the Japanese archipelagic escape plan. Dr. Komatsu Dr. Komatsu announcing the plan "Population is overcrowded, population concentrates in some cities, police officers are light-armed Japan can not power zombie vortex and therefore must escape immediately".

The method of this book is "oral history" which draws the whole of an event from the testimony of various people.

Journalists collect various "zombie reports" and submit it as a report above.
However, it was rejected because he stepped in too much to its core.
It is the appearance that I got the publication of the history, the live voice that seemed to disappear into the darkness.

Asian Organs Market
Muslim holy land supremacy
American New Drug Development Circumstances
Every war suffered by the winter summer, saved by the winter summer Russian geographical advantage
North Korea's secret
Japan with no firearms circulating etc.

A memoir of "World Z Great War" developed with various country circumstances.

A fear that an ally now turns into an enemy when eating a blow ...
I was nervous to have a realistic feeling that even one mistake was not allowed.

It is hoped for what kind of image this amazing original is about.

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