The eight men who illegally delivered the sexual video by "Perfect Dark (PD)" were caught all together

File sharing software "Perfect Dark (Perfect Dark, PD)Eight people were arrested on suspicion of illegal distribution of animation. This is the first time five censure prefectural police and other police detainees caught fire, the first time to detect all PDs.

Concerning implementation of simultaneous concentrated control of file sharing software "Perfect Dark"
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FNN News: Three men were arrested by the Metropolitan Police on suspicion of using obscene videos on the Internet using "Perfect Dark" file sharing software with advanced anonymization function.

According to the National Police Agency 's announcement, the five police departments of the Metropolitan Police Department, Toyama Prefectural Police, Aichi Prefectural Police, Kyoto Prefectural Police and Hyogo Prefectural Police Department use the "Perfect Dark" for two days from November 7th to 8th, obscene Conducted centralized control of all incidents that illegally distributed videos. He searched 19 places and arrested eight people.

Current affairs dot: Completely caught "Perfect Dark" = arrested eight people in charge of obscene animation - sharing software

According to the National Police Agency, children's pornography and obscene videos are flooded in the PD network. It is difficult to identify users compared with Winnie and the share of the same shared software, and only three cases were caught in 2010, but we also cooperated with a private analyst company to identify the source of the spill. The agency said, "We were able to establish an investigation method, we will promote crackdown on illegal acts in PD."

Congratulations with shared software "Perfect Dark" - 47 NEWS (Yoana News)

Shared software: Perfect dark crackdown 8 suspects arrested - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)

A total of eight people aged 22 to 55 years old were arrested, including university students, office workers, restaurant management, said that they searched 19 households involved in the survey.

Chunichi Newspaper: arresting a man of Anjo with suspicion of obscene movies Use shared software of a new society: Society (CHUNICHI Web)

The suspects said that from the middle of March to the beginning of September, an indecent video was played on the net from the home PC. According to the prefectural police, he admitted suspects and stated that about 140 points of obscene animation were shed.

Obscene painting arrested on file sharing software | KNB WEB

The suspects installed about 1 hour of obscene video data recorded in the personal computer's hard disk at home around the 14th of last month, in the file sharing software "Perfect Dark", and suspected that many unspecified people were displayed on the Internet. It is leaning.
For this reason, under the coordination of the Metropolitan Police Department, Toyama, Aichi, Kyoto and Hyogo Prefectural Police Total 5 police prefectural police conducted collective crackdown on 7th and 8th, collaborating with the cooperation of Tokyo's net agent working on network security I investigated it.

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