Matsuya's "Chicken Tomato Garlic Set meal" tasting review with a large amount of chopped garlic and the flavor is intense

Mr. Matsuya made a special grated garlic tomato sauce on a thick cut and juicy chicken baked with iron platesChicken tomato garlic set meal". Garlic, tomato and chicken are all compatible, and the vivid coloring of tomato sauce is also a beautiful and appetizing menu, so I decided to go eat it.

"Chicken tomato garlic set meal" new release! | Matsuya Foods

Arrived at Matsuya who is strongly appealing "Chicken garlic tomato set meal".

About 5 minutes after ordering, "Chicken garlic tomato set meal" arrived (580 yen including tax). At the moment when it is placed on the table, the smell of the garlic is considerably stronger, as "the smell remained after eating" to understand.

Plenty of tomato sauce to cover the chicken.

The juicy sauce has enough acidity and sweetness of tomatoes, and it also feels the flavor of minced garlic that goes through the nostrils. The taste of chicken is modest and it seems that the taste of the sauce is pretty wide, but it may be good when you want to taste the flavor of tomatoes and garlic. However, since the smell of garlic remains considerably, attention is necessary in case of work etc.

Tomatoes are not completely melted, some of which are large enough to feel a texture.

Even so, the amount of garlic is amazing ....

Next time I will try to eat it with rice.

I can eat rice with garlic flavor and chicken taste, but I think that it is suitable for pasta etc. because it is tomato sauce.

Compatibility with this menu is slightly subtle, but miso soup ... ...

Salad comes with it, so I am satisfied with the volume. Or, I am already full of stomach ... .... With this content, if it is 580 yen including tax, it is a setting that can be convinced enough.

In addition, when ordering between 10 o'clock on Thursday, November 8 (Thursday) and 15 o'clock on November 15 (Thursday), "Rice Sheng Sheng · Special service ongoingIt is said that it is worth challenging when you want voluminous volumes.

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