Fifty kinds of wallpapers that can be arranged in a bookcase with icons of iPhone 5

The screen got bigger on the iPhone 5, so far20 walls of applicationHas been broken and a total of 21 applications are now displayed, but wallpapers that can display such applications on the home screen on a bookshelf are "The Shelf Wallpaper for iPhone 5"is.

Bartelme Design ★ The Shelf Wallpaper for iPhone 5

Press download button ......

Five kinds of bookshelves appeared. Since there is "Classic for iPhone" for iPhone 4S or earlier and "Widescreen for iPhone 5 or newer" for iPhone 5 or later, choose from "Widescreen for iPhone 5 or newer" lined in the lower row.

Please display the image, save it on the iPhone, and set the wallpaper from the camera roll OK.

So I actually set up apps on the bookshelf. This is a bookshelf with a standard color.

A bookshelf has emerged with taste.

A little dark shades.

Those with a bright hue.

It became very calm when I set it on a monotone bookshelf.

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