Cloud storage "Pogoplug Cloud" unlimitedly available at 5 GB free, 500 yen per month starts service in Japan

Cloud storage "Pogoplug Cloud" cloud storage that users can register 5 GB for free and use the capacity of unlimited capacity if it plans to pay 500 yen per month has also started service in Japan from today.

Pogoplug was originally software to make PC a personal cloud storage, but Pogoplug Cloud is a completely online cloud storage service. The Japanese version of Pogoplug's site also has Pogoplug Cloud as its main site.

Pogoplug: You can use cloud storage without limit as much as you like with 500 yen / month.

This is the site of Pogoplug Cloud. Two types of plans are "5 GB free storage for free" and "unlimited storage with 500 yen per month".

Pogoplug Cloud: You can use cloud storage as much as you like without limitation of capacity with only 500 yen a month.

There is a free application that can be used not only from a PC but also from a smartphone or tablet. For example, you can use a movie file with large capacity in cloud storage and streaming from a smartphone.

Even if you use it for 1 year, it is 6000 yen, which isAs for the 3.5-inch HDD, the price of 2 TB can not be purchasedSo, if you have the opportunity to store 2 TB of data and access it several times over the next one year, it is better to use Pogoplug Cloud than to purchase additional HDD.

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