I went to "imbiss" where you can eat 20 cm long hot dogs and German class B gourmet "Curry Wurst"

Curry-flavored sausage cuisine that boasts tremendous popularity as gourmets of the common people in various parts of Germany "Curry · Wurst". Since it is said that Kobe is a specialty shop that reproduces the taste just like the main flavor, I decided to go to the site and try to taste the real thing.

Imbiss Die Currywurst KOBE MOTOMACHI

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I will visit this place before passing through the alley which is located about 3 minutes on foot from Motomachi Station in KobeImbissthere is.

The appearance of the shop where the German flag flew.

On the signboard that shaped a sausage is written "Die Currywurusut (The Curry Wurst)".

The entrance of the store is as follows.

A sausage specialty store with curry flavor using sausages imported directly from Germany.

It is possible to eat just like real Germany.

The menu is as follows.

Curry burst which is a signboard menu of the shop is "It is a thing that curled sausage cut to the size is multiplied by curry sauce".

There is white sausage called Vice and red sausage called Bock, and sources can also choose tomatoes and curry ketchup so you can select things you like from a total of 4 combinations.

The inside of the store looks like this. As soon as you place an order at a counter with a checkout counter you will cook sausages in front of you.

The scenery of the kitchen.

The done curry burst is as follows. This time we ordered Weisburst & Curry Ketchup (600 yen tax included) on the left of the photo and Bock Burst & Tomato Sauce (600 yen including tax) on the right of the photo.

◆ Weiss Burst & Curry Ketchup

Comparing the size of the dish to the iPhone 4S looks like this.

It is a one-minute dish that you can easily eat at the street corner, it is soul food familiar to Germans at the same level as "Takoyaki" for Kansai people.

Plenty of sauce is served in a thick sliced ​​sausage that has been tasted with a herb flavor.

Because it takes a lot of curry powder, it makes me want a drink.

The sauce has a strong taste of sausage itself, but its presence does not become thin because the sauce itself is sweet and tasty.

◆ Bok Burst & Tomato Sauce

Compared to white (Weissburst), it is thinner than lean but it smells smoked in appearance.

There are plenty of sour tomato sauce and the seasoning is quite dark.

The fragrance of curry powder exquisitely applied tickles nasal cavities and appetizes till before putting sausage in the mouth.

The sourness and sweetness overlap with the rich body of turkey, it is a punchy taste that spreads in the mouth at once with a spicy of curry powder.

◆ German Dog

In addition, we also bought "German dog (680 yen including tax)" which was added with pan and sausage. Pickles of cabbage on small plates "Sauerkraut"Is not normally included in the menu, but this time it was added as a bonus.

The sausage definitely protrudes from the bread.

With an adult male's hand it feels like this.

I compared it with "iPhone 4S".

As it was said that the shopkeeper says "Sauerkraut is caught with sausage", so let's try it.

Seasoning is done with the attached ketchup and mustard.

It is like this when setup is over.

You can enjoy rich meat juice by firmly biting sausage that you crunch and crunchy. In addition, the attached Sauerkraut has a sour taste, and when it comes to eating when the meat taste seems to be persistent, the inside of the mouth is refreshing so you can eat it tired without getting tired.

Complete food.

After we finish eating it is a system to return the tray by yourself, so if you throw away the paper dish and leave the dishes etc on the shelf OK.

That's why it is a class B gourmet which boasts overwhelming popularity in GermanyCurry · Wurst"Authentic tasteIt is just like a shop that reproduces it, so it's recommended because you can taste a little traveling while immersing in a real German taste.


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