Photo retouching movie Retouching women's revolutionary technology

Photos with Photoshop etc.Modify, Like a fantasyprocessingAlthough retouching technology called is often used, it is very difficult to retouch with a movie whose movement always changes unlike still images. However, by using our own technology, I have retouched a woman in her 60s in my movies to a woman in my forties without any sense of incompatibility "Age Reduction FX in High-End Visual Effects"is.

Age Reduction FX in High-End Visual Effects on Vimeo

I see the face of a woman who seems to be in his 40's

However, the picture changes slowly from the left.

As the white line crosses the face of the woman, gradually the wrinkles are engraved on the face of the woman ......

The original image that seems to be a woman in her 60s was restored.

It is like this when arranging the original image and the image after rejuvenation correction. By superimposing delicate retouching, I succeeded in rejuvenating a woman without any discomfort at all.

The part where the red line is put in the part where the correction of wrinkles and slack was applied

If you make corrections, skin tension was born.

Further lifting up the part surrounded by the red circle ...

To the impression tightened tightly.

We will compare behaviors looking back in before-after. The left is the original, the right is the posterior after the correction. Impression that the back side of a little right side was shit.

I will look back slowly. There is a clear difference in the silhouette.

From the angle of Naname.

And front. You can see well that not only the face but also the whole upper body has been modified.

I will put corrections from the left into the original.

The state where wrinkles of the left half of the face are erased.

Erase wrinkles of whole face ...

Then lift up.

Furthermore, the outline of the body ......

I made a big improvement.

This is the original.

And this is after correction.

Looking from the front like this. This is the original.

And after this is fixed. A woman who is rejuvenating in the movie is laughing as if time dated back in a moment.

This is the photo retouching companyFoton inc.Technique of movie retouching developed independently. This time we are going to "rejuvenate the women in their 60s into their 40s," but we can make them more rejuvenated or aged in reverse. When retouching a single wrinkle, retouching is carried out by precisely making very detailed judgment such as completely erasing, thinning the color, shortening it, moving the position, or combining them As a result, it is natural finish without failing at all.

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