Classic design pen using waste materials "Precision Collection"

Instead of cutting the wood newly, a classic design pen that used the waste materials used in barns and warehouses was "Precision Collection". They are made by hand one by one using cherry, maple, walnut tree, etc. It is not inexpensive like a disposable ballpoint pen, but it is very refined and it is possible to inherit from generation to generation.

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The explanation and production scenery of Precision Collection is from the following movie.

The Precision CollectionAllegorypensOne of the handmade pens by the company.

It is not made by newly cutting wood, but it is made using antique timber such as scrap wood.

Ballpoint pen and pencil, contents can be chosen by yourself. Some also use Hi Tech C.

Works such as scraping and polishing are carried out carefully by hands of craftsmen, so they are not disposable but can also be handed over generously.

Ordering takes place in three steps. First, choose the pen type from "Cap", "Click", "Mini". Optionally color schemestylusAfter choosing whether to attach, the things to put in "Hi Tech C", "ballpoint pen", "Roller ball"" Fountain pen "and so on.

The stylus looks something like this.

There are two types of color scheme, bright and dark.

Three types of pens are from below. First, Mini. This is made of cherry tree. Sakura is a symbol of South America, and it is useful for flooring and furniture. However, because it is abundant, it is sometimes removed due to landscape improvement, etc. This time I made a pen using such a tree.

Two kinds of wood are used for Click. One is an antique walnut tree, using what was used in barns and warehouses. Walnut is a chocolate wood, characteristic of the wood with the whirlwind. Another one is Bethlehem Olive Wood. Throughout Israel olive trees over 2000 years old are growing but these trees are regarded as olive trees that appear in the Bible and are protected tightly and are for tourists and woodworkers It is open to the public. Olive of Bethlehem has a high density and the contrast of the wood grain is clear, so even if it is small it has a very strong presence

Also, Cap is also using two kinds of wood. One of them is Jakarta, which is a blend of hardwood trees in the tropical regions of Asia. I will come to the U.S. across the Pacific Ocean. And another waste wood from the maple which was used in the barn and warehouse. The maple tree is the most abundant timber in North America. It has a transparent color mixed with honey and dark blonde, it is easy to reflect light, and when combined with wood of calm color produces a very interesting contrast.

Furthermore, at allegorypens company, every time 10 pens can be sold, one treeNational Forest FoundationIt is planting through.

While we are currently recruiting equity, Precision Collection can capture $ 35 (about 2,800 yen), Cap for Mini, $ 65 (about 5200 yen), Cap for $ 135 (about 188 yen). If outside the United States, a separate shipping fee of $ 12 (about 1000 yen) is required.

The deadline is 2:00 am Thursday, November 29 in local time.

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