"Fit Wet" of the idea of ​​becoming a more effective exercise if exercising with an underwater bicycle with a jet bath

A revolutionary idea machine that enables more powerful exercise with hydraulic pressure while increasing massage effect by combining jet bus and bicycle movement "Fit Wet"is. By stimulating the skin with a jet bathCellulite, Fit Wet that improves blood flow and reduces the risk of osteoporosis as well as shape improvement effect is as follows.


The following movies explain how Fit Wet works.

Fit Wet - YouTube

This is Fit Wet. A design like a bicycle is comfortably in the long bathtub.

You can see the jet bus jetting from the side window.

It seems that Fit Wet is supposed to be used like a gym.

The woman is headed to the counter ... ....

We accept towels and bathrobe.

Enter a private room ......

I take off the bathrobe.

Begin exercise while immersing the lower body in water

Do not forget hydration

I wonder how Fit Wet is structured ......

Sideways ......

Jet buses jet from front and back.

Whole body exercise is possible while exerting a massage effect.

By strengthening the water resistance, it strengthens the muscle. It is equivalent to 2 hours of normal bicycle driving just by doing Fit Wet for 30 minutes. It consumes 300 to 500 kcal in about 30 minutes.

Shape up your body and balance your muscles.

Not only burn fat by exercise, but also by 12 jet busesCelluliteAlso the effect of reducing ants. Improves skin like a skin like orange peel.

It also increases blood flow and improves blood circulation.

It also has the effect of preventing the decrease of calcium and reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

It is also useful for rehabilitation.

Turn on the TV or radio by touch panel operation ......

It is also possible to see consumed calories and time, personal data and so on.

Of course even one person can exercise ... ...

You can enjoy using it with friends and lovers.

Entering the VIP room by pressing a secret number.

The room to do the exercise is supposed to be like this.

For 2 people.

The receptionist is like this.

At the moment, prices and release dates are not listed on the official website, but it seems that they are motivated and motivated.

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