First-generation 4.9-inch new-generation display "IGZO" with dramatically reduced power consumption Smartphone "AQUOS PHONE ZETA SH-02E" photo review

Oxide semiconductor technology Sharp has been developing since 2002 has been "IGZO(Exit)By using an oxide composed of In (indium), Ga (gallium) and Zn (zinc) for a TFT (Thin Film Transistor), low power consumption (Up to now, the process which was rewritten 60 times in 1 second is stationary Since the part used for CPU display stops because the image display is only required once per second) and reproducing images that are bright and easy to see (By reducing the size of the transistor, the light transmittance of the backlight per pixel is about 70% It is to realize high precision of the touch panel (noise occurrence time which interferes detection is short so that it can be detected even at the position of a thin pen point), a technology aiming at the very death of sharp collapse It is a crystal.

The first waterproof and dustproof smartphone adopting such IGZO is "AQUOS PHONE ZETA SH-02EIt is scheduled to be released from November to December, and it has a 2302 mAh battery and a 1.5 Ghz quad core CPU (APQ 8064).

Main Features of 2012 Winter Model: AQUOS PHONE ZETA SH-02E | Products | NTT DoCoMo

This is the booth

Discover the real thing

Color is three colors, white · red · blue

Explanation of IGZO

So, it demonstrated how much power consumption is actually reduced.

First of all, the liquid crystal of "SH - 01 D" has 9.58 power consumption of liquid crystal and 15.79 backlight power consumption.

Next, liquid crystal power consumption of "SH - 09D" liquid crystal is 9.70, backlight power consumption is 7.37. Have you reduced the power consumption of the backlight by raising the transmittance?

And this is IGZO, liquid crystal power consumption is 2.41, backlight power consumption is 7.35. It looks the same with the same backlight, but the power consumption is about a quarter!

In other words, this new-generation liquid crystal and 2320 mAh battery can realize unprecedented stamina. Certainly, no matter how much the battery is loaded, if the electricity consumption is intense it will be just a hot-hearted state and it will not make sense, so this is a big expectation.

It looks like this, even with low power consumption does not quite disappoint


The size is about 135 × width 68 × thickness 9.8 mm, the weight is about 150 g.

Inside camera is backside illuminated type CMOS Approximately 1.2 million pixels

The rear camera is a digital camera level back illuminated CMOS Approximately 16.3 million pixels

The 2320 mAh battery is like this


Supports up to 64GB microSDXC

Having it in your hand

4.9 inches at 720 × 1280 pixels



Launch camera application

16 × zoom + Optical camera shake correction, audio shutter is also possible.

In addition, it is unnecessary to worry about the position to hurt the ear when talking by "Panel Receiver" which transfers the sound directly to the ear by vibrating the entire panel surface, and it also supports NFC, OS is Android 4.0 and tethering is simultaneous Up to 10 units are possible.

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