"Takahashi method generator" which will automatically prepare Takahashi method presentation

JapanRubyIt is representative ofSeiyu TakahashiPresentation method distinctively large characters are devised by Mr. "Takahashi Method"If you enter a slide slide of the presentation will automatically create a net service"Takahashi method generator"is. The usage of Takahashi method and Takahashi method generator is as follows.

Takahashi method generator

Takahashi Method

Takahashi method is "the character is big"

It is a method of presentation such as "friendly to people".

If you want to know more about Takahashi method,Official siteClick "About Takahashi Method" to see slides that explain the Takahashi method.

"Great presentation Takahashi method bookIt is also sold as.

◆ Takahashi method generator
How to use "Takahashi method generator"Official siteEnter a character string ("Reading is" Gigajin "in this case, a coined word derived from" MAGAZINE (magazine) "+" GIGA "in the sense of a gigabyte-level site as an online magazine") in a character input form at Then click "GO!"

The entered characters are displayed as a slide using the Takahashi method.

To move to the next slide, click on the part surrounded by the frame and it is OK.

"'Gigajin', 'gigajin turned into red letters, and an image of cup noodles (big) was displayed.Yahoo! Text Analysis APIWhenFlickr APIIt is a mechanism to detect a word and display related images using a word, which seems to be related to giga (character) and big (image) here.

Other slides displayed are from the following.

When the display of the slide is completed, the URL of the slide displayed so that it can be shared as "Thank you for your attention" is displayed.

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