Eleven people were stabbed in wasps in Tokushima, climbing street was blocked

Events to be held in Tokushima "Gusset ★ Asobi"Will have a climax on October 6th to 8th, but there is an accident stung by a hornet at the mountain path of Bizhan which is the stage. Eleven people have been transported so far, but the symptoms are light.

11 beaten by bee Tokushima NHK News

An ambulance arrived at the rescue tent of the mountain top. I was about three round trips to transport a person stung by a bee to the hospital.

Also, a fire truck was also showing temporarily.

Tweets of people actually stung by bees are kore.

Oh, it is a hospital stabbed by a hornet. Wow

I was hit by a hornet (· ω · `;)) There are about 20 people in the hospital ...

The climbing path was blocked at once.

Moreover, if it was intended to climb, why was it because it was a hornet warning signboard that the police blocked the passageway?

To the summit of Mount Meiyama Mountain bayama promenade has reported the occurrence of a hornet and current traffic is prohibited # machiasobi

Routes from the foot to the summit are runs of ropeway and shuttle buses in addition to the mountain roads, and people who change the schedule to climb one after another.

I go to the mountaintop by bus. There is a possibility that the horn will get stolen on foot. It seems that 10 people have been already done.

The promenade of Mount Bizan is caused by wasps and so on .... I got a colored paper again, a ropeway!

This may also be said to be a venue that is rich in nature.

By the way, although it seems that a hornet has appeared even during the live of Aii Aile, customers seemed to unite and knocked off, and it seems that live music has proceeded as it is.

A hornet rushing into the spectator's seat of Aioi Eile's outdoor live famous for Fate / Zero's OP! But as the guests united and knocked down with everyone and the pictures enjoying live laugh at surreal as if nothing w

In addition, on the 5th, there are cases in which 26 people including high school students who are going to school of hornet are stabbing in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Wasp: 26 people are stabbed by high school students who are suffering from school - Iwakuni / Yamaguchi - Mainichi jp (Mainichi Shimbun)

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