We have taken a full HD / 60 fps compatible capture unit "XCAPTURE-1" etc. that can be connected to a PC with USB 3.0 with Micomsoft booth

Such as capture unit that can input images of games played on PS3 etc via HDMI and save at 1080p / 60fps on PC connected with USB3.0,MicomsoftNew productsCEATEC JAPANI was photographing the real machine because it was exhibited.

The exhibition is being heldRadio wave newspaperInside the booth.


The state of using with connecting with the notebook PC is as follows. In addition to recording at 1080p / 60fps, it has a through output terminal and can play games with low delay even at capture.

Corresponds to input by D terminal, pin terminal, HDMI terminal.

Just connect with PC with USB 3.0 OK. It operates with 900 mA bus power from the USB 3.0 port.

In addition, the release schedule is the end of 2012, the expected actual selling price is around 32,000 yen.

◆ SC-512N1-L / DVI

The desktop PC contains a full HD / 60 fps compatible capture board "SC-512N1-L / DVI".

Compatible with PCI Express Gen 2, it can capture at 1080p while occupying 1 slot.

In this exhibition, I output it from the back with the DVI terminal, and the HDMI cable was connected using the conversion adapter.

The schedule for sale of "SC-512N1-L / DVI" will be the end of 2012, and the expected actual selling price is expected to be around 30,000 yen.

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