When I participated in "Luxury Sanfair Fair at Beef Horn", I was taken back with the taste of thick meat

From September 29 (Sat) until October 8 (Monday), all 10 types of menus will be discounted at special prices at Beef HornLavish Sanpo Fair at Beef horn"Is held. In this menu there will be a limited release only for this period "Marbled thick tongue saltSo I decided to go eat.

(PDF file)10 days limited "Lavish Sanmi Fair at Beef Horn" held 【9/29 (Sat) - 10/8 (Monday) / at "Beef Horn" nationwide】

Arrived at the beef horn.

First we have seats ......

After seeing the menu and finishing the intracerebral simulation that "If you exclude alcohol, there are 8 kinds of meat in all, it is a breath," to the battle posture.

Detailed menu is here.

Finished the order, first came "Harami" (515 yen including tax → 290 yen including tax).

I will burn it with charcoal fire at once.

Jiwiwa and fire passed ......

Okay, we will. The taste of the meat is slightly diluted, but there is also a volume per piece with a chewy response. I feel like eating it at once with the taste of salt sagger.

The flesh came from one to the next while baking.

I will go to Don Dong. "Beef horn Calbi" (515 yen including tax → 350 yen including tax).

Wait for "I'm home now" to burn.

It is about to be completed!

Good taste of the thick meat umami. It just seems that the taste is too strong, so it seems better to taste it with rice and vegetables.

Next Go! The left is "Beef Square Rose (Sauce)", and the Right is "Beef Square Rose (Salt Dole)" (515 yen each tax- 290 yen including tax).

Hurting Harami with haste, challenge "Beef horn loose (salt saga)".

It is a nice feeling, a state of fire where a good smell of meat has drifted and can not wait.

At the same time it bakes up, it jumps to us. Everyone is desperately trying because they will be able to eat their own when they are out of hand.

It has a taste from the beginning, but after all the taste is diluted.

As appropriate, it is good to taste sauce etc. by adding your own taste.

Next is "Beef horn loose (sauce)".

It also seasoned from the beginning, it felt like it tasted better than salt sagger. It should be sliced, but it gathers a lot in my stomach.

At first it was floating with the easing mode, but the fat of the meat grew pretty much in the tummy, already a little stomach groggy ... ....

Next is "Petoro" (515 yen including tax → 290 yen including tax). From the left are 'Miso sagaru', 'Sasaya' and 'Shiro dare'.

Fire! The fat of "Pietro" drooled and the fire pillared up. If you do not do it, you will burn the arms of your arms and burn yourself, so be careful.

This is "sauce" taste. You can enjoy a strong taste of oil and a crispy texture. Recommended when you want a change in taste in the menu except for the cow in this fair.

I will also bake the "salt saga" taste.

Be careful not to get a fire.

The burning sound of meat called Juwati is another potato of yakiniku.

Okay, we will. This is a bit more flavorful than sauce and has a taste perfect for greasy Pito.

However, it also feels like I want a bit more sour, so in that case it is ok with lemon juice.

We also introduced "Miso saga" taste.

The fragrant smell of miso scorched a bit can not be collected. The taste of thick miso well suits fat. It is the strongest taste among the three types of Pietro, so it is not necessary to add sauce. This deep taste seems to match well with alcohol such as beer.

Actually this is a pre-sentence fight, and from here onwards the meat felt as more crispy is waiting for me. Even so, I am already quite satisfied with my stomach or a little tired condition.

"I'm sorry, is it really okay for us to be one serving per person ... ...?" And "Kuroge Wagyu Beef Zabuton's Shabu Shabu" as plentiful as it was confirmed at the time of ordering (1029 yen including tax → 900 yen including tax). It seems that it is a rare site and the price range is small.

Large meat enough to regret violently that ordered one person alone without following the advice of the clerk.

The meat itself is thin, but ....

The level of fat riding is uneven level with meat so far.

It is sweet with melted eggs, this heavy meat is served thick and thick.

Sauce is dark anyway, honest level only taste of sauce. Because it is a tremendous Kuroge Wagyu, I felt that it would be better to spice a bit more flavored meat.

Here is the volume of a piece with power up than "Beef horn Harami" "King Harami (miso garlic)" (840 yen including tax → 490 yen including tax).

The taste of garlic stimulated the stomach and it was a little reassuring that it was leaning.

Because there is more volume than "Beef horn harami", a lot of fat seeps out and the surface of meat is shiny.

Please confirm that you have burned firmly. There is considerable chewiness, which is difficult to eat in a bite.

You can cut the scissors so that you can easily scissors so you can eat it easily. Savage that the meat has enough umami and garlic flavor is also good. Because it is quite greasy, I want to eat the first person instead of eating in the second half of the game.

Next is "King Harami (salt butter)".

It is a bit painful to see the meat when you come this far. I feel nostalgic when I was full of energy at the beginning of the seat, "Let's eat all kinds of cha cha and go to another menu!"

It is the amount of tremendous fat.

Look at tomorrow and introduce salt butter!

Lot of meat fat and butter fat mixed together, to a mild taste. Not only the volume but also the umami of the meat is so rich that it is not comparable with "beef horn Harami", "I wanted to eat this first ...".

Here comes the appearance of "Limited marbling thick tongue salt" (limited to 590 yen including tax) for limited time only during the fair.

It is as thick as a tan or a little steak, there are insanely volumes.

Looking like this, it looks as if you are baking a ham.

If it is a normal tongue it will shrink when baked, but this "marbled thick tongue salt" has nothing like that at all.

Wasabi is attached and I will. You can taste the rich tan flavor to the extent that you say "This is amazing!" So, it is best to simply eat with wasabi's flavored only. With a thin tan you can taste a crispy texture that you can not taste absolutely, it is a feeling that there is only time limited sales indeed as expected.

And, as the finale sees the "Kuroge Wagyu Bee Calvi" which caught the fat as it sees it (725 yen including tax → 390 yen including tax).

It's like fire as "Petoro" because of strong fat.

The taste of the meat which has been rich enough to no more. There is a messed up fat, and the flavor of rich meat spreads at the moment you put it in your mouth. This is definitely a menu you want to eat in the first person. It is not a menu like eating sharks at all ... ....

So, we ate all eight kinds of meat, but if we ask all together for one serving, it costs 3590 yen. In the original schedule, "I will ask for an additional menu after eating 8 kinds", but in fact the stomach was leaning against the taste of the meat that was too heavy, withdrawing without asking anything as it was It was. As the trashy feeling of being stained with meat greasy, a good child does not challenge such a risk that puts his own health at risk, but after eating meat properly eating rice and vegetables You should refresh and clean the mouth and inside the stomach moderately.

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