Identify luggage thieves at airport by decoy investigation using iPad

Apple products such as iPhone and iPad have features to track your location via iCloud,ABC NewsUsed this tracking function to keep track of where the baggage that got lost on an airplane went and succeeded in identifying the culprit who stole it.

ABC News Tracks Missing iPad To Florida Home of TSA Officer - ABC News

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In the airport of the United States, the incident that passenger's baggage is stolen by the security official of the American Transportation Security Agency (TSA) has been occurring, ABC news was interviewing.

In this time, ABC News tested to see if there was actually theft or not, to leave the iPad and to return properly. In nine of the ten checkpoints, the TSA staff acted according to the guidelines and contacted us because the owner's name and telephone number were written on the iPad case. Cash was also included, but also arrived safely here.

However, at the airport in Orlando, the iPad did not return. The figure shows the figure of the clerk who takes the iPad in the picture.

As I tracked where my iPad is now ... ...

It was confirmed that it moved to the house of the staff called Andy · Ramirez two hours after depositing it in the checkup, not the airport.

ABC News 's interview team waited 15 days before visiting Ramirez' s house.

I told you to return the iPad but Ramirez seems to know that I do not know about the lost iPad, "If you are not a checkpoint, you will be brought to the lost and found office" Reply. Of course, there was no record dealing with the iPad on that day in the lost property handling office of Orlando Airport.

The reporting team sent a command to let the iPad sound an alarm.

Then the sound rang from inside Ramirez 's house, Ramirez finally responded to the delivery of the iPad. At first I was wearing a uniform of TSA, but I am taking off at this time.

Ramirez explained that "my wife bought it," but his wife denied saying "I have not said such a thing". The interview team photographed the point where the iPad was taken away at the checkpoint, and tracked the iPad and informed him that he had come so far, Ramirez closed the door and did not answer the following questions.

According to TSA, between 2003 and 2012 381 staff have been fired for theft,11 people already fired this yearIt is becoming. This number of dismissals is 0.5% of the total staff.

Ramirez has been fired immediately after it was discovered, TSA said "Zero tolerance methodAnd employees who work stealing from passengers will be dismissed. "

John Mike, chairman of the House Transportation Committee, is frequently tough for the TSA, but this time, "This is just a tip of the iceberg, which is a tort for the public and the aviation system" I blame it.

By the way, the device tracking function by iCloud is quite excellent,IPhone 5 lost in the Shinkansen got overnight at the base and was delivered to Shin-Osaka stationSome people have experienced that.

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