I tried using "Wi-Fi Combo Kit" which can remotely operate "GoPro" with wireless LAN

Compact action camera "GoPro"Is widely used as a camera for shooting movies in fields where surfing, extreme sports, motor sports, and other general sized video cameras were difficult to bring in. However, since it is necessary to secure strength while downsizing, the buttons for operation are kept to the minimum necessary, and it is not necessarily easy to use.

So, I will review this "Wi-Fi Combo Kit ([Wi-Fi Backpack & amp; Wi-Fi Remote Combo Kit) AWPAK-001-JP"Is to make it possible to insert a switch made to solve the inconvenient place of such" GoPro "from a place away from it or to operate it while being attached to a place difficult to operate the switch So, I decided to purchase the real thing and actually try using it.

The package looks something like this.

Besides the main body and the remote controller, the contents are USB cable for charging, a waterproof case, an instruction manual etc.

If you have a remote controller with an adult male's hand, it will look like this.

The measured weight is about 38 grams.

The Wi-Fi backpack to be installed in the GoPro body is as follows.

The back side looks like this.

Weight is about 26 grams.

Velcro belt is included.

When attached to the remote controller it looks like this.

Since you can attach and operate like a wrist watch, you can do shooting start, stop, etc. without difficulty while making intense move such as sports.

Just hook the parts to the back of the GoPro body by attaching it to the body.

Installation is completed with such feeling.

Firmware up to dateIf it is set, you can pair the remote controller and the main unit by the following procedure.

First, turn on the camera.

Next, turn on the WiFi backpack.

Finally press and hold the power button on the remote controller OK.

Pairing is successful if the same screen appears on the front of the remote controller and the camera as shown below.

So, how does the operation change when not using "Wi-Fi Combo Kit" and when using it? You can see well by looking at the following movies.

◆ When there is no "Wi-Fi Combo Kit"
Changing the setting is the button on the front, start and stop recording with the button at the top. It is not so difficult to put it on the desk, but it is not convenient for taking pictures by attaching the camera to your body or shooting it at a remote place.

When you shoot a movie by operating "GoPro" alone, this feeling - YouTube

◆ When there is "Wi-Fi Combo Kit"

If you use a dedicated remote controller, you can quickly select the mode and start and stop the recording with the button at hand.

When you shoot a movie by operating "GoPro" with "Wi-Fi Combo Kit" like this, YouTube

In addition,Wi-Fi Combo Kit"The price is 14,595 yen including tax, it corresponds to both" GoPro HD HERO (original) "and" HD HERO 2 ". Applications operated with smartphones are expected to be released around the fall of 2012.

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