Let's new 2012 Autumn Futon model release table Ultra-book and two-sword model of the doublet

Panasonic announced the new AX series as the 2012 Fall & Winter model of the notebook PC "Let 's note" series. This model is Let'snote's first Ultrabook and can also be used as a tablet by rotating the screen 360 degrees.

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In the CM movie, the concept of the new model is clearly laid out.

Let's Note 2012 Fall & Winter Model AX Series CM MISSION 編 - YouTube

It is a setting called an international business person who is targeted at the important data contained in the PC and desperately escapes. Shota Matsuda is playing.

Even if I fall down and drop the PC ......

It's tough design, so it's okay. We conduct a drop test from a general desk height of 76 cm and a pressurized vibration test of 100 kgf assuming a crowded train.

I thought that I opened the PC at once.

Continue to open the screen gently to the back side.

It can be used not only as a notebook PC but also as a tablet.

In addition to a detachable battery pack (4 cells), a battery (2 cells) is built in the main body. The battery pack can be replaced while turning on the power.

This is the let'snote AX series.

The state of durability test looks like this.

Let's note rugged test AX series - YouTube

Although the Let 's series so far have been made with business notebook PCs, we have emphasized durability rather than thinness, but the SX series and NX series which appeared in the spring of 2012 are thinner than the conventional models It was type. This time the AX seriesUltra BookSo, I made it even thinner, and also sturdy performance was compatible.

The display is a ring note type, it is possible to open 360 degrees to the back side of the main body while keeping the opening operation. It has become possible to dual-lap stream of notebook style and tablet style. The liquid crystal size is 11.6 type, the resolution is 1366 × 768 dots electrostatic multi touch panel.

The body is about 18 mm thin, weighs about 1.14 kg, and its size is smaller than A4 paper. As mentioned above, since two batteries are installed, you can replace the battery pack while switching to internal battery drive, so if you add an optional battery pack, you can work without power even for a considerable length of time .

The CPU is equipped with 3rd Generation Intel CPU. The shop front model is Core i 7 - 3517 U 1.90 GHz, Core i 5-3427 U vPro 1.80 GHz, Core ™ i 5 - 317 U 1.70 GHz, and it is a premium model that can be purchased at Mairets Club, Core i 7 - 3667 U vPro 2.00 GHz. In the ultra low voltage version, the voltage level further drops than the low voltage version so far, and the power saving performance is increasing. For the interface, there is a LAN connector, an HDMI output terminal, an external display connector, two USB 3.0 ports, an SD memory card slot and so on necessary one.

In the case of the store model, the SSD is 128 GB and the memory is 4 GB (no empty slot), but when it comes to the premium model it upgrades to SSD 256 GB and memory 8 GB (no empty slot). You can also select a model incorporating Xi (LTE) compatible wireless WAN module.

Body color is Let 's note two familiar silver diamonds or jet black colors. Color top plate can choose from 5 colors including Thunder Blue, Energy Red, Flash Pink in these two colors.

In addition, the main unit price will be released at a later date. Apparently it seems that this time it will not be released for the new notebook PC style.

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