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Kyoto Seika University and Wacoal were born from an industry-academia collaboration project "Unnah ナ ク ー ル バ ラ の ブ ラWe will release. On Wacoal's Web Store, we will hold a front order reception quota from today and will be on sale from January 15th at Ununa Cool retail stores and ZOZOTOWN. The industry-academia cooperation project has been in effect since April 2011, and the work of the project that students design the next generation inner wear while receiving advice from the staff of Ununa Cool. This "rose bra" becomes a rose flower shape when rolled up and it is "beautiful like a petal worn even if you wear it, like a gift to a woman, a flower underwear will be gifted" It is being touched. The price is a bra for 2940 yen including tax, shorts are 1050 yen including tax, limited release of 1000 sheets has become.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

I ran around Tokushima prefecture and tried completing "Fate / Zero" stamp rally - GIGAZINE

Tokushima ramen noodle "Ramen Tokyo University", Ramen and Tsukemake noodles can be ordered at any time - GIGAZINE

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I saw it today on the train. On Twitpic

A girl who wants to give her girls come around but girls want these boyfriends on Twitpic

When L'Arc-en-Ciel becomes Buddhist, will it become Obts-Dan Soel? - Mel speed

⊂. Д. ) ⊃ Kaze speed ≡ ≡ ≡ ⊂ ∩ ゜ Д ゜) One Full Auto: 2 ch a great ogasa wolota wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Chaos-chan: A case in which the successive generals of the Kamakura shogunate are too cruel

Lifetime \ (^ o ^) / Breaking News: About the matter that I found a rich guy with a price dot com - Livedoor blog

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New type of pseudo SARS virus in the Middle East - WSJ Japan version - www.WSJ.com

The Tohoku region of Japan plays the leading role! The future of physics research since the discovery of Higgs particles «WIRED.jp

Do not waste helium gas on party balloons | Slashdot Japan Science

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Childcare mom 's child nursing my girl's neck in the window "My serious negligence": Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

"Angels of cleaning the bullet train" World-proud field strength - HONZ

【Nationalization of the Senkaku】 40 Taiwanese fishing boats regulate by territorial sea invasion maritime "waterfall gun" to avoid landing to the island - MSN Sankei News

Shinano Mainichi Newspaper [Nobunaga web] To remove the site of Nagayoshi Yaroen Line, railway facilities "Difficult to use at present"

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Salary man's lunch fee falls to the level 30 years ago NHK News

A surveyor's man's lunch fee was 510 yen for the first time, the survey result showed that the lunch time fell to around 30 years ago, the average lunch time was shortened to about two-thirds, on average It was settled.

Leisure time \ (^ o ^) / Breaking news: [sad news] The matter that "MUJI goods" is ended in a concour - Livedoor blog

I went from Tokyo to Fukuoka at a cheap LCC "Air Asia" - Kay's Den

I guess you will not be able to use it if a Japanese sword slashes a few ............: philosophy news nwk

Since it crushed acne long ago pores widely wwwww help www: bastards

Pudding + soy sauce = sea urchin is delicious! ← Such a teaching

"Help me! Youth shy away from work of nursing care" <> Apply for jobs of over 100 people 7 people stop interviewing www: specified m9 (`· ω · ')

Mud to the name of the production area, up to price collapse ... Tao camouflage: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Girls take a gun Girls Just Want to Have Guns

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【SOFTBANK】 Unlocking the number of subscriptions per month Limit "net increase management" and low price routes | Read the company with numbers | Diamond Online

Let's publish PHP books from Guru publishing

Apple bought a fingerprint certified company to stop trading with other companies - Fujitsu, HP etc hits | Gadget bulletin

You advertised Facebook advertisement? Are you surprisingly finely settable targets and results? | Creative memo memos

Less than 1000 yen Why is data SIM cheap? | Web R25

Be careful with using a free WordPress theme as a super high risk, so be careful! | Firegoby

8 questions about SEO, former Googlers of Brazil replied | overseas SEO information blog

Started a special sale "LINE Secret Sale" delivered only to LINE users: LINE Official Blog

Senkaku issue, prolonged trigger of iPhone 5 out of stock or the Great Depression: Nikkei Business Online

Google "Spanner": Synchronize the worldwide servers with GPS «WIRED.jp

Inflammation Marketing Zenan Book that uses good intentions and misunderstandings! Finally! - novtan annex

Sartre and Beauvoir in the 21st century - "Techniques to buzz at SNS where you like it" Yoshinaga Sakaguchi Ayaka - The world is yours.

The number of followers has increased so much that the Japanese die, it is tasty ^ q ^

Backside of access analysis system (for public use)

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"Date A Live" Anime PV - YouTube

"Awakened school" book notice - YouTube

"Petit! -PETIT IDOLM @ STER- "PV - YouTube

PSP "Idol Master Shiny Festa" 3rd PV - YouTube

TV anime "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" Book - PV on YouTube

Business Media Makoto: Anime business now: the number of production minutes has increased for the first time in five years, the present situation of the animation industry viewed from the report (1/5)

The animation industry market in 2011 increased 3% year on year to 158.1 billion yen. As shown in the following figure, the market that had been rapidly descending since 2006, which recorded the highest televised fraction ever, this is the bottom of the market in 2009 prior to the production minutes, followed by 2010 and 2011 As sales are growing, it seems that it is on a recovery trend. Taking into consideration that the number of TV animations broadcasting since 2012 has been on the same level or more than the previous year, it is no doubt that judging so.

Tokyo Newspaper: Anime powerhouse fading scene The harsh labor, appealing production company: broadcasting entertainment (TOKYO Web)

According to lawsuits and others, a female employee in twenties is on duty six days a week, and while overtime is forced to work overtime for seven hours before the deadline, no overtime payment is paid, and from the company, "The idea of ​​overtime in the animation industry is It is said that "There is nothing." Also, male employees in their 30s engaged in tasks of importing original images and the like into a personal computer with a scanner, and in many cases they were assigned to over 1000 thousand sheets a day, resulting in cervical spine disease. Three oral arguments have been conducted so far, and the company side shows a stance of contending.

Cover design of light novel - Togetter

Choke Point | 【Column】 Crude but skeptic about the future of the Japanese game industry

【Backside of business】 Expected by the dying Nintendo "Wii U" is high at 22,650 yen? cheap? (1 / 2pages) - MSN Sankei west west

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Supervised a special feature on page 12 of "As era magazine 40 years history looking back on the first issue number 50" at Asahi Entertainment 10/4 issue on sale ...

Say "I am a movie" - Dioma Kashida

Okada, Notice of High Coach Head Coach Rest | Orix Bufferaz Official Site

Regarding the rest of the game, Mr. Moriwaki Koji Chief Coach will take the command as supervisory agent from today.

【Sad news】 Expector's pallet ranking expectation, complete correct answer: [baseball chat]: There was pleasure to put together myself J

2 Wind blowing If no anonymous 2012/09/25 (Tue) 01: 01: 41.99 ID: ssFZfDts
Just wipe out with the lowest rank determined

Indeed it is not easy for all teams to hit 100 homers: Insane @ N

Whether a retirement announcement or active continuation? 40th champion, current location of early autumn. ~ Existence value of professional baseball · veteran (1/2) - Number Web: Number

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Toshiba: News Release (2012 - 09 - 25): About commercialization of "NAND flash memory mounted HDD" hybrid drive "

Release see-through solar module: Sharp

IC recorder product lineup | IC recorder / radio recorder | Sony

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