I encountered a handsome boy who takes a shopping cart with one pants and shows off his acrobatics

As I encountered a mysterious show during German coverage to wear only white pants on a narrow macho body and show off acrobatics (acrobatics) one after another, I took a picture of the whole story.

YouTube to show off your acrobat on a shopping cart with one pants - YouTube

This show was held in an ordinary shopping mall. It is not a shop for people with special preferences.

It was Saturday evening so many people gathered.

The stage where the light of the blue glows suspiciously.

When performance starts, the man who entered the shopping cart will extend his hands and feet with Sue.

A pose to bring your feet in front of your face through your back. It is a ridiculous body's softness.

Stand up on the cart ... ....


Somehow wearing fluffy feathers.

I hold one foot on my head. I come up with a balance of I shape rather than Y shape balance.

I am swinging up my feet while walking around.

One turn in the air.

I will pass under the cart from the butt with a texture face.

A man who pulls out movement that is different from human beings.

Pause the cart and pose.

Pose even on the floor.

Put a foot on your cart and ...

Open legs as they are.

Rotate forward with hands on the floor.


Anyway, it is rotated with the guruguru, but it has come to an unintelligible area no matter what movement it is.

Hit the cart sideways as it grew the middle of the rally.

It is inverted side by side.

A mysterious pose emphasizing the buttocks.

Position to support the weight with hands seen in instrument gymnastics or the like and stretch his legs forward.

Opened as it is inverted.

The biggest mountain scene is the scene that supports the weight with one hand and decides the pose on the cart.

Take me down to the floor ... ...


Finally it fits in the wings and feathers and the performance is over.

In addition, this event seems to have been done as a way to get to the shopping mall and it seems that it is positioned in the same way as the stage such as juggling and pantomime seen in shopping malls etc in Japan. Also, one pants seems to show off fleshy body, there is no comical nuance. The audience was very seriously looking, and there were scenes where clapping occurred in places.

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