I went to the world's largest railway exhibition "InnoTrans 2012" and took a picture of the exhibition vehicle

The world's largest trade fair for railway technology "InnoTrans(Inotrans) 2012 "was held in Berlin, Germany, so I decided to take a picture of the trains actually being exhibited in the huge venue by going to the site.

Messe Berlin Japan Delegation Department

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The nearest station of the hall is "Messe Süd". In Berlin it simply seems as a word pointing to this place if you simply say "Messe".

People leaving the station and heading to the venue. The day of the interview was Saturday, so it is crowded with people and families who are seen as railway fans.

The building with reception is a glass-shaped cylindrical shape.

People in line.

A state of the hall just in front of the hall.

The map is as follows. Railway related companies set up booths at each hall on weekdays, but since the gathering day was Saturday, it was only exhibition of rail cars.

When I go to the outdoor exhibition hall, trains are lining up quickly.

It is possible to see in real time a real vehicle is placed as follows.

Some vehicles also became able to observe the interior.

Usually you can check details that can not be seen nearby.

There are a lot of trains lining up in the exhibition space that seems to be huge beyond the football stadium, so I will walk on and on and on and on and on.

GEVehicle produced.

Up of the light.

Looking diagonally from front is like this.


Headquartered in GermanySiemensOf the vehicle.

The driver's seat is as follows.

I sit on this kind of chair and move the train.

At first glance it looks like a big truck (car) ... ....

It has a metal wheel for running on the rail behind the same rubber tire as a general car.

It looks like a train if it is from behind.

There was also a hybrid model of smaller cars and trains.

Metal life forms appearing in the movie "Transformers"BumblebeeA train of the atmosphere like.

A vehicle with a flower illustration drawn.

The world's largest railway manufacturer, CanadaBombardierThe following are the vehicles.

The entrance to the driver 's seat is like this.

The inside looks like this.

I can also put it in the engine section.

The display of the tram is as follows.

A demo of an elevator used when riding with a wheelchair or the like.

Exhibition of German train ODEG.

Inside view.


"LEO Express" where the color tone of black tone is eye-catching.

Poland companyNewagThe exhibits are as follows.

Inside view.

Folding seat.

The two-seat seats are like this.

Germans have a higher average height than Japanese, so the position of the strap is also high.

A hammer to break glass and escape in emergency.

Tickets can be purchased in the car.

Operate with touch display.

Vertical trams.

The shape of the light is unique.

The inside looks like this.

Sheet design is fashionable.

You open and close the door by pressing the button yourself.

Emergency escape lever.

The driver 's seat is like this.


The driver's seat is as follows.

The state of the guest room.

Three-seat chair.

There is also luggage storage.

Other vehicles seen at the venue are as follows.

The next "InnoTrans" will be held in Berlin in Germany this time in September 2014.

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