A movie in which the fashion model recorded all the shows in Google's glasses-type computer "Project Glass" looks something like this

Google's glasses-type computer "Project Glass(Known as Google Glass) "started on September 6th and was used for recording for the first time in the field for the first time in the New York Fashion Week for the first time in general,Pictures that were up one aheadFollowing on, it was released as a movie. What models they walk with ornate runway and what they are seeing, and behind the scenes are the following.

Project Glass - Google+ - Celebrated fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg tried on ...

The movie that Sergey Brin, who is the founder of Google and president of technical department, explained "What is Project Glass?" Which is the place where I finished using Project Glass at the runway.

Google's Sergey Brin Previews New 'Google Glass' - YouTube

This is Sergey Brin.

Project Glass It is not just glasses, but a glasses type computer developed by Google.

Until now, when I used a computer, my hands are busy, but Project Glass is a computer that responds to voice, so I can freely move my hands while using a computer.

Project Glass has been in development stage so far, but it was used for the first time at New York Fashion Week, which began on September 6th.

Besides wearing the model and walking the runway, I also wore staff and recorded the state of the show with photos and movies. It is the designer Diane von Furstenberg that is sitting next to Brin.

Of course I also wore Brin

This is its Project Glass.

I will try to wear it. By the way, the price will start from $ 1500 (about 120,000 yen).

An interviewer is also installed.

Shouting "Take a picture!" Is a specification that the computer takes pictures. For example, although a moment when you want to take pictures when you are playing will need to take out a cell phone or camera now, using Project Glass it is really possible to take pictures at that moment.

Project Glass was developed by a secret facility operated by GoogleGoogle X Lab. In addition to Project Glass this facilityAutomatic driving carAlso we are developing.

In addition, although it was only photography and movie shooting at the fashion show, eventually Project Glass will be able to check the weather and traffic access on that day, register the schedule, and so on.

So, actuallyDVFThe model and the movie filmed by the staff wearing Project Glass at the fashion show of the following are from below.

DVF [through Glass] - YouTube

A figure on the sleeve of the stage. Apparently this is like a movie taken by the model wearing a glass.

Walking steadily ......

And into the light.

And the scene changes and Project Glass projects the puddle.

Bashabasha and puddle across ... ...

In front of a building that was written largely with DVF.

I will follow the women walking by the eyes.

It was replaced by a women's point of view this time.

To the studio where the signboard "DIANE VON FURSTENBERG" was hung.

It is the designer Diane von Furstenberg who writes letters in the mirror with lipstick.

It looks as if he carries out costumes hastily and is making final checks for the show.

Diane heading for the full-length mirror.

Check out the models that are dressed in costumes ... ...

Take a picture ......

Put it on the wall.

Here is also the model that will appear at the show

Swapping back and changing, various people come and go

A line of shoes lined up


Fun model to wear Project Glass toward the mirror

It is in the middle of making up

Stylists and makeup artists also attached Project Glass

Pick a costume ......

I wrap up.

As seen from the bottom

head on

Diane's appearance again before the show.

I will continue working until the last minute.

What are we doing here ... ...

I pasted gold coins on the sole of the shoe.

It is a lucky charm.

Two men and women are shooting ... ...

Mr. Diane on the move.

Pattern, and close the mirror ...

And completely around at night.

The scene of the show is overflowing with a lot of people including reporters

A woman with a smile with Project Glass.

Models appeared.

This model also seems to be enjoying Project Glass.

And again ...

To the runway.

Light strikes from the front

Take a picture of the situation while shooting Project Glass.

And the model turned.

It seems that he returned to the backstage.

Diane sends an al to the models.

More and more models will head to the runway.

Also a charming first act.

AudienceSarah Jessica ParkerToo.

And ...

At the end Diane also went to the runway.

While being wrapped in applause of many people ... ...

The show ended without fail.

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