KDDI announced iPhone 5 reservation start date and time at au shop shop front

I went to the au shop at the editorial department and confirmed it and found that the date and time of reservation for iPhone 5 was announced at the shop front.

Arrive at the store that there is a pasteboard

I put something on the glass window


"IPhone 5 reservation reception September 14th 16: 00-"

Although it has not been officially announced yet, KDDI (au) will be released as iPhone 5 releases it on the 21stStart LTE at a fixed monthly fee of 5980 yenIt is regarded asAu version iPhone 5 can turn on tetheringIt seems that Mr. Masakazu Honda is staying in San Francisco, USAI met with KDDI's president Takashi Tanaka interviewing by chanceAccording to the place, it seems to be roughly like the following.

If you tell KDDI users something + something as interlogue prologue information, this time it corresponds to Ev - Do 's multi - carrier, the 3 G speed will be 9.2 M. In addition, LTE is for the time being, 2.1 G is an iPhone exclusive band and is not shared with other smartphones. Do not give an impact to existing 2G users, etc.

2012/09/13 18:31 Addendum

An announcement came also on the KDDI official website. "We will start accepting reservations for iPhone 5 from 16 o'clock on September 14, 2012".

Notice on iPhone 5 | 2012 | KDDI Corporation

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