The world's first 35 mm full-size CMOS image sensor equipped DSC-RX 1 is newly released as the Cyber-shot top model

Sony developed its own 35mm full-size effective approximately 24.3 million pixels "Exmor" CMOS image sensor, realizing high resolution sense, wide dynamic range, high sensitivity and low noise performance is the highest level of Cyber-shot Become"DSC-RX 1"is. The biggest feature is that it is equipped with a full-size image sensor which has been used only for high-end machines such as digital single lens reflex cameras.

World's First "35% Full-size CMOS Image Sensor" Cyber-shot "Top-Level Model | Press Release | Sony

The external dimensions are 113.3 (width) × 65.4 (height) × 69.6 (depth) mm, and the weight is about 453 grams only for the main body.




Upper surface

When flash is turned on

It will be like this when attaching a case

In order to maximize the performance of the large image sensor, DSC-RX 1 is equipped with a large aperture monofocal lens of Carl Zeiss "Sonar T *" 35 mm F 2 and an optimized image processing engine enabling high speed and high image quality processing BIONZ (bions) "is carried and by adjusting the position of the lens and the imaging surface in micron unit by taking advantage of the lens integrated type design, excellent image quality that faithfully resolves also to the periphery of the image , A wide sensitivity range of ISO 100 to 25600 is possible (it is possible to ISO 50 to 102400 as a specification), and it is said that it achieves high quality shooting comparable to that of a high-end digital single lens reflex camera.

In addition, the DSC-RX 1 realizes a compact body to fit in the palm of your hand by adopting its own thin aspherical lens "AA (Advanced Aspherical) lens" that enables thin design of the camera body while achieving high image quality, In addition, it adopts circular aperture of nine blades, and close-up photography (the shortest photographing distance of 20 cm) can also be performed by the macro switching ring mounted on the lens part.

This is an AA lens

As a special accessory, a bright and clear optical viewfinder kit "FDA-V1K" (November 16 release date, price is 44,100 yen including tax) is prepared by Carl Zeiss's excellent optical design

In addition, a high-definition electronic viewfinder kit "FDA-EV1MK" adopting XGA organic EL (Release date is November 16, price is 49,300 yen including tax) is also available

When you attach the optional optical viewfinder kit "FDA-V1K", the thumb grip "TGA-1", and the lens hood "LHP-1" it will look like this

Looking at the movie introduction, the contents like the above are gathered within about one and a half minutes, making the image easier to grasp.

Digital still camera "Cyber-shot" "DSC-RX 1" - YouTube

The release date of "DSC-RX 1" is November 16, the estimated market price is around 250,000 yen,It will be exhibited at the Sony store in Ginza, Nagoya, Osaka from Thursday, September 13It is supposed to be.

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