Robots made by iRobot are all in place from children's toys to "Rumba" prototypes on military reconnaissance machines

We have been working on the site after the accident at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant and worked at places where people can not enter.Packbot"And the world's best-selling home robot vacuum cleaner" Rumba "IRobotSince many of the robots that the company has developed have been exhibited at the company's new product presentation venue, we have taken pictures and movies.

Arrived at the venue of the event to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the release of Rumba.

Lumba 600 series of new models will be announced and so on, so a lot of reporters are putting on us.

There was an exhibition space where robots that iRobot had developed in a corner of the venue line up.

Robot "Fast Look" to perform reconnaissance by throwing it from the window to the building where the enemy is lurking. With a robust design that will not break even when you hit the ground, it is possible to collect information on places where people can not go by watching the surroundings with the camera in the center of the body.

You can see that compare with humans is very compact.

Looking from above it looks like this.

It can be operated with a controller like a game machine.

You can change the height or turn over by moving legs beside the endless track.

Actually moving around looks like the following, it is surprisingly quick.

A military spy robot "First Look" running around - YouTube

"Sea gliders" developed to investigate sea water by submerging in places where people can not go during the Gulf oil spill accident that occurred in April 2010.

There is a total length close to twice the height of an adult male standing sideways.

Although it was originally developed for military reconnaissance, "pack bot" which was active at the accident site of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant to do inside the building etc.

A camera is mounted at the tip of the arm.

My feet are like this.

at the back.

The back of the camera.

It is possible to lift the camera to a considerable height by extending the arm.

The middle of the arm has a hand to grab things.

The robot "Genghis" produced by iRobot in 1991.

It was made to prove the bad road running performance of the robot that it can go beyond gareki and rocks even on a small machine.

A machine named "Ariel" is a robot to find underwater mines set in shallow water.

My doll shaped robot 'My real baby' made for children is like this.

Sure, it is really real.

The prototype which was made in 1997 of "Rumba" which became the biggest selling of robot vacuum cleaner which later sold over 8 million units in the whole world is as follows.

The first "rumba" commercialized in 2002.

"Rumbapro" which sales began the following year.

The 2004 model "Rumba Discovery" is as follows.

"Rumba Scheduler" became configurable to further evolve and clean at the designated time.

"Rumba Connect" released in 2007 includes a web camera.

"Rumba 500" became almost the same design as the current rumba.

The high-end model "Rumba 780" which is still on sale now appears in 2011.

The latest model "Rumba 630" announced this day is like this.

It is an exhibition that can see the history of robot vacuum cleaner evolution.

In Japan, iRobot has a strong impression of robot vacuum cleaner "Rumba", but in the United StatesMedical support robotAlthough we are developing and developing a wide range of products including disaster countermeasures and military robots, not every robot gets odd but it is said that it is made primarily of "utility" first You can understand it at once.

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