Each of the four types of Denny's 'Gianton Desert' which can enjoy the refreshing taste of the fresh gigantic fish gleaming individually

Dessert that you can enjoy a refreshing taste that is perfect for this remaining period of hot weather "Big Fish Dessert"Appeared on September 11 (Tue) from Denny's. "The Sunday of Shinshu Giant Peak"Big Fish and Orange Milk Pudding Mini Parfait"Giant Pepper soup jelly tailoring ~ Orange yoghurt flavor ~"Shinshu gigante fresh"We decided to go eat with a quick hurry because it is limited for a limited time.

(PDF file)Seasonal delicacy ☆ "Giantod dessert" September 11 start!

Arrived at Denny's.

Confirm that there are four items on the menu and order immediately.

First of all it appeared, "The Sunday of Shinshu Kyoho" (630 yen including tax) which put a giant peak of Shinshu wildly.

The gigantes are abundantly used, and the appearance is gorgeous.

Inside you can see Nata de Coco, Grape Jelly, Plum Sorbet, Vanilla Ice, etc. and the variety of taste is quite abundant.

Overall volume is enough, too.

There are plenty of gigantes, and you can taste the fresh juice that comes out with Juwat when you bite. Giho is a pretty boyfriend if it says rather acidic than sweetness so if you eat it with vanilla and etc just feel good. However, there are seeds, so be careful when you eat.

Good stirring and eating sweetness centered on vanilla and good acidity such as giant peaks and grape jelly are felt by half. Also, while soft texture crispy texture of Nata de Coco gathered, it was distinguished.

Next is "Kyoho and Orange Milk Pudding Mini Parfa" (390 yen including tax).

This is characterized by being able to taste Orange besides the gigantic peak.

Not only fruit but also sweetness of milk pudding and cream can be enjoyed.

The fresh sweetness and sourness of the gigantic peaks and oranges make me feel refreshed. Orange taste is main because it is more orange in quantity. After fruit disappears, with a mild sweetness of milk pudding, occasionally the orange comfortable sourness is felt. Because, in fact, because the original cream with orange peel is used, it is a good accent.

From the color of the surface it is a gigantic colored feeling "Big Peak Soup Jelly Tailoring ~ Orange Yogurt Flavor ~" (390 yen including tax).

With the gigantic peak, grape jelly, the red color of raspberry shines in purple color.

Plumsolbe is also under the grape juice.

And you can also see Orange Yogurt Cream which has let the scent of orange peel a refreshing scent. The grape jelly is not very different from what you sell at the supermarket, but the giant juice is perfectly compatible with the sweet cream. After having eaten the gigantic peak, the taste with the sour taste of orange yoghurt becomes main. So, for those who want to taste sour more strongly than sweetness.

Last is "Shinshu giganten fresh" (430 yen including tax).

It is said that the giant peaks are made through the mixer in the whole shop as it is leather.

The moment you put it in your mouth, the dense fragrance of the giant peak spreads. Moreover, although I imagined the feeling that it was a rich dough rose, I feel as if it is smooth and drinking feeling refreshing. It can be felt a bit a bit astringent, but it may be good if you want to drink plumply on hot days and moisten the nods at once.

For those who want sweetness, "Big Peak and Orange Milk Pudding Mini Parfait" for those who want sweetness, those who want sour, "Big Peak Soup Jelly Tailoring - Orange Yogurt Flavor ~ "The Sunday of Shinshu giganto" seems to be suitable for people who are both half as good.

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