Personal information of 12 million iPhone / iPad leaked by hacking, about 1 million data extracted as evidence partially downloadable

ByYutaka Tsutano

According to a hacker group AntiSec statement, about 12 million pieces of personal information list about Apple's iOS device is hacked to the FBI agent laptop via remote, getting in that list the iOS UDID · user name · Name and type of device · Token of Apple Push Notification service · Zip code (zip code) · Phone number · Address and so on are included. As evidence that AntiSec actually holds data, the list of UDIDs (including device names and types) of "1,000,001" of them is available on the net and can be downloaded.


Data has been uploaded to a total of 8 online storage sites in "Download links" in the above page, and it can be downloaded from any of them. By downloading "Rxdzz.txt" (approx. 88.9 MB) and entering the password according to the specified procedure, you can obtain the data by decompressing it.

Confirm your UDID by launching iTunes and clicking the "serial number" part

The UDID will be displayed here

As a background to the leakage of these information, access to the team of FBI agents who used Dell's Vostro series notebook PC in the second week of March 2012, remotely using JAVA's AtomicReferenceArray vulnerability , When I downloaded some desktop folders during the shell session, there was a file called "NCFTA_iOS_devices_intel.csv" in it, and indeed the UDID of Apple's iOS device was actually included as much as 12,336,232 items Why

It is unclear why FBI possessed such data, and it is unknown when data of about 12 million personal information actually will be released on the net.

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A site where you can check if your UDID such as iPhone / iPad leaks to about 1 million list - GIGAZINE

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