A new model appears in Sony's e-book reader "Reader", and it can cooperate with Facebook · Evernote

A new model "PRS-T2", an e-book reader "E-book reader" with electronic paper loaded and readable like a paper book, will be released on Friday, September 21. The thinnest part is 9.1 mm, the mass is about 164 g, the price is 9980 yen including tax.

Reduce black and white reversal of screen with proprietary technology High-performance e-book reader with thin, lightweight body "Reader" | Press release | Sony

"PRS-T2" released this time uses the original algorithm to suppress the afterimage of the characters displayed on the previous page, so that black and white reversal of the screen required as the characteristic of the electronic paper can be performed at a maximum of 15 pages It is said that it realizes even more comfortable reading by reducing it.

There are 3 kinds of colors. Moreover, it seems that operation is possible intuitively for the first time even by adopting a large icon type operation button, optimizing the placement, adopting an easy-to-use menu screen, and so on.

It also features stamina performance, a dictionary function that allows you to read a maximum of about two months with a single charge and a synchronization function that you can read from a separate page on another device such as Android-powered smartphone, newly supports Facebook and Evernote, friends on Facebook It is said that you can easily share impressions and information on favorite books and browse blogs and news saved by Evernote.

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