Moss Burger begins full-scale sales of 'Moss' vegetables' over the counter from September 11

In Mos Burger, we are using "Moss' vegetables" cultivated by cooperating farmers all over Japan to hamburgers and salads, but since September 11 we announced that we will sell this raw vegetables seriously at stores.

(PDF file)Full-scale launch of over-the-counter sales of fresh vegetables "Moss 'vegetables" with producers' faces visible ~ Started from September 11 (Tuesday) mainly in stores in the metropolitan area ~

"Moss' s raw vegetables" is a cooperative farmhouse of about 3100 farmers located in 114 production areas throughout Japan and refers to vegetables cultivated as little as possible to agricultural chemicals and scientific fertilizers. When going to a Mos Burger store, the production place and the producer name of the vegetables are written on the blackboard.

About this vegetable, customers said that there was a need to "sell" Moss 's raw vegetables "where producers' faces can be seen", and it is usually necessary to sell raw vegetables purchased as ingredients at stores He said that he decided.

The purpose of shop-front sales is to create opportunities to know "Moss' vegetables", to develop new sales channels, and to expand store sales. About 10 stores such as Osaki shop, Yokohama Sakuragi-cho shop, Kannai store, etc. are implemented at over-the-counter sales.

What is sold

Tomatoes: 180 yen
Lettuce: 250 yen
Onion: 100 yen
Cabbage: 280 yen
Sunny lettuce: 250 yen
Lemon: 120 yen

The price is the same for all sales outlets. However, this is the price planned to be released at the beginning, it is said that there is a change depending on the time.

In the future, we plan to further enhance our efforts and expand over-the-counter sales as well.

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