A movie wearing a tightrope between two trucks of Volvo while driving

Speaking of Volvo is a Swedish automaker and has a reputation for making vehicles with high safety. The passenger car division was carved out in 1999 and sold to Ford to be "Volvo Cars", and the Volvo main body has become a major player of a commercial vehicle centering on trucks and buses, but how this track demonstrates stable performance In order to prove that it was going to be done, a stunt was made to stretch a rope between two running trucks and tightrope.

Volvo Trucks - The Ballerina Stunt - YouTube

The location is in CroatiaVrgoracUnopened highway in

Preparation is underway in the sun

This time, I will challenge the tightropeFaith DickeyMr.,Slack lineIt is a woman world record holder of a sports tightrope walk like that.

Practice carefully in advance

This is Peter Pedrero of the stunt coordinator

A doctor is also on standby in case of emergency

Driver Alan Jones.

A helicopter for photographing flies ... ...

Finally start

Dickey who starts tightrope walking

Drivers also play an important role as rope does not stabilize as track and track spacing changes.

Dickey who is going to fall from the rope with a strong wind

challenge again

Two trucks running on the highway

Dickey passes over the median strip just in the middle.

Dickey of a white and black track, and a yellow clothing crossing the center.

Step by step forward.

The speed of the truck is about 80 km / h.

I balance up with raising my hands

But tunnels ahead.

Rapidly stop it rather dangerous

Dickey finally jumps

The rope caught in the entrance of the tunnel and burnt down

Dickey is ......

Succeeded on a tightrope.

this isVolvo FHA movie that appeals how to demonstrate stable driving performance. It is a scene that does not seem strange to actually appear in some kind of movie.

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