The wasabi sauce source is the key player Lotteria "Dinner set" sirloin steak is about the same size as the iPhone

Toppings of "Wasabi soy sauce sauce" which is compatible as a Japanese style steak with soft beef sirloin steak meat is Lotteria "Dinner set fifth menu"of"Sirloin Steak Burger (Wasabi sauce sauce tailored)". The set includes Hokuhoku's "Natural potato M"When"Cold tomato cream soup"minestrone"Cold corn soupOne of your favorite soup comes with it. On Lotteria's website, only "Kawagoe chef truffle sauce tailor-made exquisite cheese burger" has been closed up, but quietly this fifth dinner set was also on sale so I decided to go eat.

【Lotteria】 ~ From Lotteria, a new rich evening menu ~ "Dinner set" fifth menu will be released from Thursday, August 23, 2012!

Arrived at Lotteria.

This "Dinner set fifth bullet menu" arrived in about 10 minutes after ordering (1080 yen including tax).

First of all, from "Sirloin steak burger" (wasabi sauce sauce tailored) (single item 650 yen).

Taking out from the bag is like this. If you think "I've seen it somehow ...", sirloin steak is "Dinner set fourth menuThe same content as ". It is not certain whether it was because the last time was popular, or another reason, but the menu called the same sirloin steak anyway.

If you turn it upside down, you can see that it is big enough to overflow from the buns.

Lettuce with Mayonnaise on in.

Below that is a sirloin steak. Meat from Australia and New Zealand is used here as well as last time.

The fat is dew.

Almost the same size as the iPhone.

This "wasabi soy sauce source" is the point of this time. I added soy sauce to this wasabi and it is tailored to a creamy mayonnaise flavor. From the color, the flavor of mayonnaise seems to be strong, but how is it going?

Okay, we will.

First of all I felt it was more than usual lettuce shakijaki. You can taste a fresh and fresh texture. Sirloin steak is weak in satisfaction that "I am eating a steak" if there is not a little thickness, but the flavor of beef is enough. Wasabi sauce sauce has almost no spices of wasabi and mayonnaise has a stronger taste and may feel unsatisfactory for those who were expecting the taste that comes with the real nose of "Hoso sashimi" Even people vulnerable to eating can be eaten. The flavor of soy sauce certainly matches sirloin steak, but I also felt good compatibility with lettuce.

This is "Natural potato M".

Potatoes that you can feel the sweetness of potatoes and salty shariness simply. Texture of thick thick hokkoku.

Of the "cold corn soup", "cold tomato cream soup" and "minestrone", the new taste of this time is "cold corn soup" and "cold tomato cream soup" and asked for 2 It was.

"Cold corn soup" is like a sorbet with a rough cone. The texture is slightly dusty, and the taste is rough and contrary to the looks. On a hot day, it may be better than this thing than this one.

The "cold tomato cream soup" here is a rather rich taste. If I want a desire I think that it was better if it was a little cold, but I feel strongly the condensed tomato sweetness than sour taste, Good.

When asking "Sirloin steak", expectation will be upgraded greatly, but considering the price of 650 yen it may be reasonable that the thickness of this meat is reasonable. However, if it is over 1,000 yen when it is set as "dinner set", you may want a premium feeling which is suitable for something. So I'd like to expect the next dinner set.

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