Windows 7 may be the OS of the new Windows XP position

A new OS, Windows 8 will be released on October 26, but even nowThere are quite a few people who continue to use Windows XP, and Microsoft promotes transferdoing. If this continues, this time Windows 7 may be like XP,InfoWorldJ. Peter Bruzzese pointed out.

Windows 7 forever! Why Windows 7 is the next XP | Microsoft Windows - InfoWorld

It is Windows XP which was announced in 2001 and still keeps a constant share, but since Microsoft fully completes its support in April 2014, we recommend upgrading. On the other hand, as a new OS Windows 8 alreadyRTM versionIt will be released on October 26.

As an XP user, it will be a choice whether to jump up to the new OS here or upgrade to the OS of one generation ago, but "Although it will certainly become OS of one generation ago, 7 is a wonderful OS That's Bruzzese's claim.

The first reason isUser interface (UI)is.

Windows 8 has adopted "Windows 8 style UI (modern UI)" which was called Metro the other day. This is because the "start menu" that Windows used up to now disappears and the "desktop" has become different thing from the past, and even though we can resemble the conventional Windows "wind" It is impossible to use it in the same way as before. In that regard, Windows 7 has become a culmination of systems that have been improved since Windows 95, so if you are a human who has touched Windows, you can use it almost without worrying about it.

The second isEnhanced securityis.

In Windows 8UEFISecure booting is turned on by default, you can use a picture password or malware protected boot, but Windows 7 also boasts robust security that does not compare with the XP era. "UAC (User Account Control)" installed from Windows Vista is its representative, and since the default setting was in the most severe state at the time of Vista, warning was issued to do anything, but at 7 It is set to a level that does not hinder practical use.

The picture password of Windows 8 is like this

The third isEase of network creationis.

Some people who have networked in the age of Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0 may think that they have spent sleepless days such as the number of drivers stacked, worries about protocols and options This has improved significantly since XP, and in 7, it is possible to share printers with little effort by using "home group". Wireless connection became easy, and the safety of online was improved by the setting of "public network" and "private network".


The fourth isPowerShellEase of management by.

For system administrators PowerShell, especially remote control enabled PowerShell 2.0, is extremely useful for system administration. PowerShell 2.0 is designed for Windows 7 and can be used with XP and Vista, but Windows 7 is required to take full advantage of the features.

This is an older version of PowerShell


The fifth isImprove performance.

Boot speed of Windows 7 dramatically faster than XP and Vista. In the case of notebook PCs, the battery life is prolonged and the return from sleep is also accelerated. Also, to solve the problem of memory shortage, it is equipped with ReadyBoost which can utilize USB memory, improve search results, and many improvements are made in the invisible part.

As Bruzzese, is it better for users who have used XP etc. for a long time? Although there seems to be a feeling that there is also a feeling, if the new UI of Windows 8 can be cleared up, since contents evolved Windows 7, it means that it can be used without problems.

Incidentally, as a history of Windows release, 95, XP, 7 are cherished, ME and Vista who came during that are unfriendly existence, and Bruzzese wonders if 8 comes into the latter history It seems to be seeing. Even after Vista release, as long as XP is loved for a long time and there are still people still using it, 7 may be the OS used for a long time this time.

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