A man who continues to monitor children for child pornography or grotesque content

ByRobert Scoble

In order to protect children, child pornography is not displayed in search engine results. This is not completely mechanically processed, and in the case of Google, it is monitoring and checking whether human beings are out of something out. We are conducting interviews with men that overseas IT news site Buzzfeed actually performed this checking work.

Tech Confessional: The Googler Who Looked At The Worst Of The Internet

Mr. A (a pseudonym) that he got an interview that he is not an employee of Google anymore. He seems to have been working on Google's services to find out if there is any content corresponding to child pornography, necrophilia (codon love), Goa (violent behavior, shocking content, things like neck cutting, suicide etc) .

After graduating from university, Mr. A was becoming "social media · guy" like politicizing at SNS. A recruiter (a person in charge of assisting recruitment) came up to Mr. A and he was told that "I do not mind hurting to work at Google". Mr. A was not keen on working at a high-tech enterprise, but I was confident that this is the place I should go and decided to work at Google.


Although he did not seem to be hospitable in the workplace, Mr. A said "People who think that it was not fun to work at Google is a liar," eating meals properly eat rice at the cafeteria and necessary items Also expressed all workplace environments that had been given were fantastic for those who had graduated from college. Mr. A's parents were also proud that my son worked at such a large company.

However, the content of the work was very shocking. Although recruiters had been told that they will be dealing with sensitive content, their content was checking for child pornography and go-ahead content. In particular, child pornography is the greatest concern for internet companies. In the United States, it is obliged by law to delete it within 24 hours after receiving a warning and notify the Federal authorities to that effect, but of course there is no such thing as Mr. A's hand in the Google company, He seems to have been processing all the services it possesses.


I do not know if the user was inundated with reports such as "Picasa has uploaded child pornography-like photos!" "You are seeing a gross image even though SafeSearch is on!" However, Mr. A seemed to correspond to 15,000 copies a day only with photos, and there were various monitored objects such as image search from Google search, Picasa, Orkut (SNS operated by Google), and so on.


Mr. A who did not take home her work because he did not want to make her her own daughter of this silly work. I planned to do the job well in my own way, but as I continued my work with 7 months, 8 months, 9 months, it seems my mental load has been increasingly applied, so I will receive therapy by regulation became. It was like Rorschach test that was done at this time was to show the snapshot of the father and the child and to answer with the first impression, but Mr. A said "I am fucking!" Reply. I got a full-scale treatment. This initial test was carried out by a therapist dispatched from the government, but Google says to Mr. A, "I retired and I found my therapist by myself and treat it." As for Google, a person who is not a full-time employee can only stay for up to one year at the company, so Mr. A has been forced to look for the next job in two months.

Parent-child's funny picture that is not related to the test used. That is why it has become invisible as a funny picture ... ....


However, Mr. A's case like this is not unusual, and it seems that former Google contractor who Mr. A's acquaintance had similar career. For example, if you are midnight on YouTube's shift, you are going to do the work to monitor "killing" and child pornography up from 22 o'clock to 8 o'clock one year, so that Mr. A's best friend girl I lost one year.

Another acquaintance was very detailed about "shoddy" and child pornography, it was enough to notice the first thing when al-Qaeda uploaded a movie to YouTube, but it was a contract employee. Even if the manager asked the recruiter "Do you know what he did work on?" By telephone, there seems to be no particular answer.

Mr. A says, "While being a contract employee, it is only" name and affiliation "."


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