A cake that looks like only a real snake

Up to thread of sewing machineTo reproduceThere are artistic cakes that can not be thought of as being able to be eaten at all, but Francesca, a cake artisan at North Star Cakes,Burmese pythonI reproduce it realistically with a cake.

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Looking directly in front it look like this. I'm squeezing out the face from inside the tuna roll.

From the top of naname. It is a real finish up to one of the scales. The ground and fallen leaves are also part of the cake.

From directly above.

It is an unbelievable pupil.

I was separated.

If you leave it on the lawn, I will hurriedly mind.

By the way, Francesca is making other cakes like the following.

Oil paintingpalette.

Three-dimensional feeling is seen from the side view of Naname.

Hibiscus was attachedChocolate cake.

HibiscussugarIt is made of.

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