Scenic restaurant "The Summer Cave" that appears in the seaside cave only in the summer

"The Summer Cave" in the cave that appears only between May and October is the Italian side facing the Adriatic SeaPolignano a MareHotels in "Grotta PalazzeseIt's a fantastic restaurant.

The Summer Cave - I Ristoranti - HOTEL RISTORANTE RICEVIMENTI Polignano a mare Bari Puglia

Grotta Palazzese

The interior of the restaurant is like this. There are tables under the arched ceiling.

Looking from the other side, you can see that it faces the Adriatic Sea.

A wave to rush under the restaurant.

It glows up at night, more fantastically.

This is a special seating where you can watch the sunset without being disturbed by anything.

It is like this when the sun is falling.

Ready for dinner now.

It was originally a place where nobility used to open parties in the 1700s, it is a beautifully unusual space.

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