A huge polar bear 'not over' that tells us that it is not over until you give up

A huge polar bear movie that goes through the forest, climbs a steep mountain, swims across the ocean, goes through a hot desert, "Not over"is. It's a story that polar bears move straight through the harsh nature, but their dedicated figure tells us "the importance of not giving up" which is apt to forget.

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Going through the forest, behind the polar bears.

I will go trek through the trees.

Go through the mountains ......

I climb the steep mountain with each one.

Standing on the top of a snowy mountain ......

A beautiful setting sun.

The sky has dyed akane, but polar bears keep walking in the midwinter lake without rest.

In the evening, Polar bear calling a ship with Colli Kokkuri and a bonfire.

I finally got a rest. Tonight is a homeless.

I will start walking again in the morning.

I will swim across the sea.

While being illuminated by the scorching sun ......

Proceed through the desert.

It is vast.

Finally getting out of the desert, walking on the meadow ... ...

The figure of a black bear next to me.

Has a friend appeared ...?

And, I thought, the goal tape in front of me is cut by a black bear.

Apparently it seemed to be a race, the black bear in the first place, the pink bear in the third place, the polar bears pulled out in front of the goal are standing on the second place board.

Polar bear getting wet with champagne wielding black bear.

One person, at the end of the polar bear's eyes standing under the night sky ......

A shimmer of flowing stars flowed.

"It will not end until it ends"

That is why Polar bear speaks on the back that as long as you keep challenging without giving up, it is a bit of a movie but hopeful movie. By the way "not over till it's over" was active in major league in the United States, known for its unique remark "Yogisim"Yogi BellaIt is said that.

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