Robot for iPad "Double Robotics" that allows you to go to school, work, etc. while staying at home remotely

The iPad that allows you to remotely control iPad using iPad's camera without looking at home from the house, allowing you to see the workplace, school, museums and other people and communicate with them Robot forDouble Robotics"is.

Double Robotics - Wheels for your iPad

The movie is from the following.

Double by Double Robotics - Pre-order Now on Vimeo

A man with an iPad in hand in the kitchen.

Click on the map on the left of the two maps on the screen.

Then, the kickstand of Double Robotics which is placed in the map's place goes up and starts to move.

The way to go ......

A place of lecture where lecturer and students are discussing. On the iPad screen, the face of a man operating in the kitchen is shown.

You can see the lecture being done using iPad's camera. Operate the movement of Double Robotics from the arrow at the bottom right of the screen.

It makes it possible to communicate with students as if they were on the spot together.

Press the downward arrow at the bottom left ... ...

You can adjust the height of the stand and adjust the camera to the height of the students' faces. The height can be freely adjusted between 100 cm and 150 cm, the weight of the main body is about 7 kg including the iPad.

This time a man sits on the window side.

Next tap the other map.

Double Robotics in another place starts moving.

This time it seems to be in the laboratory.

Move it close to the researcher ... ...

I listen to the description of the product in real time.

Two people to relax at night.

Dorsch GalleryTap the name of the gallery in Miami that is called.

Then Double Robotics starts up ... ...

I move about in the gallery.

Use Double Arrow to navigate Double Robotics to the location of the piece you want to see.

With Double Robotics, you can enjoy a far-away gallery without leaving home from home.

Once you charge the battery you can drive for 8 hours. The usual price is $ 2499 (about 200,000 yen), but it is 1999 dollars (about 160,000 yen) when booked in advance, and it will arrive at the beginning of 2013 if you order now.

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