I tried eating Hot Gold Masala & Mild Gold Masala at McDonald's with a taste of Maharaja using chicken To an unexpected ending

Based on the popular menu of McDonald's in India, it was developed as "Hot gold Masala"Mild gold masala". It is the second barger of the "campaign ★ ★ ★ of the world" campaign which sells new products developed based on the McDonald's menu which is currently being done around the world for a limited time. In India's McDonald's, which has a lot of Hinduism, the menu using chicken is popular without using beef and it is a product developed based on "Chicken Maharajama Mac" released at McDonald's in India. I actually went to eat what kind of taste it is.

Development based on McDonald's popular menu in India "★ ★ ★ of the world" campaign second part "Hot gold Masala" "Mild Gold Masala" Limited sale from August 10 (Fri)

Arrived at the shop. You can see the picture of "Hot gold masala", but it is quite large compared with the third "Aussie deli".

Then, order immediately.

Dawn and appearance. "Mild Gold Masala" on the near side is "Hot Gold Masala".

The left is "Hot Gold Masala" (390 yen ~ 410 yen including tax), right is "Mild Gold Masala" (360 yen ~ 380 yen including tax). The difference in price is 30 yen, but it is worrisome that there is a big difference in volume.

The appearance of "Hot gold masala" looks like this. It has become three-stage buns, and there seems to be considerable volume.

First is tomato. It is a place I want a little bit more fresh, but McDonald's like McDonalds is like McDonald's.

Next is lettuce and sauce.

Below that is calico and fried chicken.

From the hem of the chicken you can see the crocheted cheese.

Under the chicken is also lettuce and sauce. It is characterized by a large amount of lettuce and sauce anyway.

I feel a sense of weight that makes me feel like holding it in my hand. It is impossible to bite from top to bottom in one bite, and it is somewhat a pleasant feeling while complaining about where to eat.

The outside of the chicken is fried quite rigidly and it is crisp and the texture contrasting with the soft buns is good. Chicken is juicy, but it's easy to eat without feeling heavy in proportion to the amount. The sauce has a stronger taste of mustard rather than spicy, and overall the impression that this mustard is good. Although it feels like having a bit more spicy as it is called "Masala", even if you do not set it, you can have it for lunch with this one, enough for volume.

This is "Mild Gold Masala".

Plenty sauce and lettuce on top of the chicken inside.

This sauce is a mild curry sauce that made honey hidden, and a chutney mayo source that apple 's natural sweetness.

Wheat chicken also in "Mild Gold Masala" here.

And cheese under chicken.

In contrast to "Hot gold masala", you can taste the sauce of spices like Indian curry, but again there is no spicy and sweetness is intense. The chicken clothes were soft and the meat flavor was felt stronger than "hot gold masala". If anything, the menu here is more like Indian-like spices and there is no spicy taste like Indian cuisine, but people who are not good at that taste can enjoy it as well.

And here, looking at "Hot Gold Masala" of the editorial staff who came to McDonald 's together ... ...

It's surprising to open up trying to shoot the inside, you can see it by looking at the right, the buns part in the middle is the buns that is supposed to come to the bottom ... ....

When turning over the buns on the left of the picture above and looking at the bottom, the buns, which should be the most coming to the fluffy buns ... ....

This picture was reversed upside down. In other words, the buns that are supposed to be in the middle are at the bottom and the buns, which should be at the bottom, are in the middle. Usually, I will disassemble the hamburger that I have come out and do not shoot vividly, so this mistake should not be noticed. Still, I felt unreliability to an extraordinary moment at the moment I had, so it is certainly possible that anyone will notice this. Perhaps it was estimated that the McDonald side fell into the extreme of confusion because there were very many orders where the ordered time zone just arrived at 12 o'clock in the afternoon. In fact, if you try to eat actually it will be buried unbelievably in the soft buns that is at the bottom, bursting mustard and it is hard to eat insanely. Even one casual van made me realize again that eating easiness will be different by devising such a fine part.

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