Which can opener is the easiest to use? I tried to open it with 5 types such as a can opener that holds like a meridian sack

Pull-top typeIf I was eating all the canned foods, I was in the kitchen unnoticed of the husbandcan openerI decided to look at the usability by buying the product which was good and comparatively popular, while referring to Amazon reviews etc etc as I did not know the location of. In addition, I purchased the standard "Lever type"Turn the dial and grab the dial and open the can"Screw typeThere are 5 kinds of 3 kinds in total.

Canned canned chicken purchased at Costco actually opened.

Amazon.co.jp: PRINCE Life on (Life on) Sten Gold Can opener: Home & amp; Kitchen(735 yen including tax)

A heavy duty made stainless steel can opener.

Simple appearance of silver color 1 color.

This side is like this.

A blade is like this.

I use it by grasping like a meridian.

When using it as a bottle opener, it is as follows.

I actually opened the can

The cut after opening the can is like this.

Please check in the movie below to see the lid off.

Fixed blade type "PRINCE life on stain gold can opener" easy to put in force - YouTube

When I actually cut it, I can cut it with guigui by making use of the twist of the wrist, so I can quickly open the can in the leco style easily. It seems convenient also when opening a solid can because it also allows easy input.

Amazon.co.jp: AZICA (Ajika) Handy opener AZ - 024: Home & amp; Kitchen(420 yen including tax)

The lowest price model among the five to review this time.

A simple structure with a bar shape.

With "wine opener" used to pull out the wine cork.

There is also a bottle opener.

The can opener blade is like this.

The can opens are as follows.

The cut remaining in the lid is wavy.

You can also see the opening of the can in the following movies.

Standard fixed blade type can opener "AZICA handy opener AZ - 024" - YouTube

When I actually used it, I do not have any particular complaints because I can firmly cut hooks of the can hooked on the edges without any problem with the sharpness of the blade, but when it is necessary to open multiple cans quickly for business use etc. It seems that it is headed for.

Amazon.co.jp: [For business use] Gear type can cut C-9534: Home & amp; kitchen(1140 yen including tax)

The cheapest model among the "screw type" reviewed this time.

Simple appearance of only silver color, metal parts only.

This part of the blade is like this.

A mechanism whereby cans expire when turning this part with a group.

The place you are using as a bottle opener is as follows.

It looks like she actually cuts a can.

The opening of the lid is not rounded like a leverage formula, it is unlimited.

You can see the state of opening the lid in the following movie.

Standard screw type "Gear type can cut C-9534" - YouTube

When I actually used it, I could open it without using force than "Loko type", but because the part of the screw to be rotated is somewhat stiff, there is no slip and so on, so if you get oil etc. on your hands, the work efficiency drops It is a difficulty to get out.

Amazon.co.jp: Victorinox Can opener Red 76857: Home & amp; Kitchen(1575 yen including tax)

A can opener made by Victorinox, known for Swiss Army Knife.

The appearance looks like this.

The part of the blade is as follows.

Because the cover of the plastic with the antislip is hung on the part which turns and the turning it is making it easy to put power.

It can also be used as a bottle opener.

It is like this where you cut a can.

The cut of the can becomes a beautiful round.

I can see the way the can opens smoothly and smoothly with the following movie.

Victorinox made "Can opener red 76857" - YouTube

When I actually opened the can, because the screw part was made larger, it was easy to put in force and it could cut smoothly so it seems that you can open the can easily and easily even for people with weak hands .

Amazon.co.jp: LEIFHEIT Can opener Safety (Comfort Line) 62110: Home & amp; Kitchen(2625 yen including tax)

The product that the most expensive price is reviewed in this review.

The appearance looks like this.

The part of the blade is as follows.

Although it can be used as a bottle opener, usability is not good because the part that applies force to the lid is narrow.

It is like this where the lid is actually turned off.

Because it is only a dotted line attached to the part above the lid, it may think that "Are you, the lid is not empty?" For a moment ... ...

The side is fragile.

Afterwards it is OK to grab the lid with parts like a beak that is attached to the can opener OK.

Because I can take a lid like this, I can not seal it if I return it to the can as it is, but it can be used again as a lid. There is also a merit of safety because the cut is not sharp.

Cut the can from the side "LEIFHEIT CAN OPENER SAFETO 62110" - YouTube

As impressions actually used, the sharpness of the blade is also good, and the point where the lid can be reused is also quite convenient so it seems to be convenient, so it is an impression making it convincing as a product with a price corresponding function.

◆ Summary

So, because we eat canned food frequently, "LEIFHEIT CAN OPENER SAFETO 62110" for people who want to emphasize smoothness and safety when cutting the lid, conversely almost do not use can opener so I would like to select by cost performance For people who say "AZICA (Ajika Handy opener AZ - 024)" I recommend.

The last lightest can opened the "LEIFHEIT CAN OPENER SAFETO 62110", Victorinox's "Can opener Red 76857" was about the same degree of smoothness. In addition, the "PRINCE Life on Sten Gold Can opener" like a meridian sack can apply a strong force momentarily using a twist of the wrist, so it is best for making a hole in a thick lid.

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