"BEDLINER" paint which becomes strong against impact just by painting just by anything

Although the loading platform of a truck is often subjected to shocks by throwing out luggage, in order to avoid damaging the loading platform at that time is "Bed liner". Besides the carpet type laid on the loading platform, there is a paint type using polyurethane particles, but does the paint type bed liner have the reinforcing effect as much as it actually does? By saying that,LINE-XA movie that blew up the wall painted the company's bed liner and confirmed its strength was "Bomb Proof Truck Bed-Liner"is.

☢ Bomb Proof Truck Bed - Liner - YouTube

These three people will experiment this time.

Why paint spray type red bed liner ......

Two walls out of four made for explosion experiment.

The experiment was carried out by two kinds of "simple wooden wall" vs "wall coated with bed liner on the tree" and "wall made of concrete block" vs "wall painted with bed liner on concrete block" I will.

Carrying dolls in the wall ......

I'm ready to sit on a chair.

A certain distance from the wall,

Pierce the bar on the ground.

Attach the detonator to the tip of the bar ......


It is set like this.

A crowded doll in the wall.

It is a peaceful scenery

And this ...

Blow up!

From the smoky smoke, a remnant of a miserable wall will appear.

Three people who laugh at me.

The wood piece scatters, and it looks violent even if you see it from the front or from the back.

On walls made only of trees, we found out that there were no more bombs.

Continue to bring the doll into the wall painted with the bed liner.

And as before, we set up a detonator at a certain distance.


This time a red woman seems to be pushing a switch.

And ...

Blow up!

The one that appeared in black smoke ... ...

A red wall of the same appearance as before the blast.

Three people excited.

I did not see the walls being destroyed even if I actually approached.

This doll sitting on the inside of the wall is safe this way.

Looking at the state of blowing up in slow motion it is like this.

It explodes and the back of the wall is wrapped in flames ... ...

The inside of the wall has not been affected at all.

That is why the result of the 1st game "Wooden walls vs Walls with bed liners on top of trees" resulted in the victory of the walls that painted the bed liners.

Next is "wall made of concrete block" vs "wall painted with bed liner on concrete block". First of all, let's sit a doll that is already exhausted in the previous experiment in front of a block fence not painted with a bed liner.

Set the detonator behind the block fence ... ...

Connect leads.

And switched on from a safe place away from the wall.

Then ...


The doll collapses forward with a tremendous shock.

Doll collapsing to the ground without power.

A hole opened in the block fence.

Three people looking at the block fence which was wrecked with ....

And this time it is an experiment with a block fence painted with a bed liner.

A doll of full-bodied creation.

Place the initiator behind the block fence

In a familiar situation ......

Blow up!

It turned out to be in the smoke ... ...

Dignified style.

There is a part which became a little black, but the block fence was never destroyed.

The state seen in slow motion is here.

The red wall is wrapped in flames ... ...

There is no such thing as a doll blows away.

As a result, the result of walls made of concrete block vs concrete block painted with bed liners also resulted in victory of the block walls painted with bed liners.

It was produced in AustraliaMythBusters (Kanji: Dubious Legend)In an experiment conducted on a television program that is being broadcast in the United States, even in JapanDiscovery channelYou can see at. LINE - X 's bed liner is resistant to shocks and resistant to solvents and acids, so it is ant to prepare for the end of the world by painting not only on the truck bedding but also on the garage and house walls.

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