Idea "Reel" wrapping a stretchable belt around a bicycle frame to make a luggage

"Reel" is the concept design of a product that wraps a flexible belt around the frame of a bicycle to make a luggage. I thought about this designYeongkeun JeongAnd Aareum Jeong, according to the explanation on the site, "It is possible to transform the triangular part of the frame into a container of baggage".

What you need is a silicone nonslip and elastic band.

The installation procedure sticks the anti-slip to the frame, and just wraps elastic bands in between.

The pictures which explained the series flow are as follows.

Idea sketch is like this.

Check the design by sewing thread on the photo.

What will happen if you attach "REEL" to various bicycles? It seems to be verifying that it is.

I tested various materials.

Because it is a simple structure that can be made of materials sold at Tokyu Hands and Yuzawaya etc, people interested please try their own making.

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