Pen and stationery set stand inserting pen and scissors into rubber gaps "Pen Zen" review

Speaking of pen stands, it is common to use cylindrical cans and rectangular cups, but as contents get caught, the next pen gets caught or a short pen gets hard to grasp, making it difficult to take out contents It is troublesome to become. It was made to solve such a problem "Pen ZenIt is (19.99 dollars / around 1600 yen) ".

The package looks something like this.

This product is sold by Quirky which is developing products based on ideas of the general people, EDWIN VAN DE BOSPOORT who thought about the original design.

The pen stand body looks something like this.

The bottom side is made the same.

The side is like this.

Blue in different color looks like this.

The part to put the pen is made of soft rubber material.

Put a pen tip ... ....

Just push in and stom the pen. By doing this it can be stored without interfering or collapsing around.

Space and thick whiteboard markers are also ......

I can insert it without any problem.

Metal scissors are also OK.

The cutter also enters neatly.

Even if I inserted it in various ways, I was able to organize it fairly easily, quickly and without cluttering. .

Looking from above it looks like this.

It has magnets inside the side so you can hold metallic clips and so on.

You can see the actual insertion of the PSP, the pen and the scissors in the following movie.

I tried using a pen stand "Pen Zen" that the pen can insert with Psych and put it sideways - YouTube

Can also be used vertically.

Please check with the following movie where you are actually using.

Pen stand in which the pen can be inserted in a vertical position in a vertical position "Pen Zen" - YouTube

As of April 11, 2012articleWhen it was done, it was under development with the aim of commercialization, but in the next 4 months I was able to get to real sales until real sales, so I received it like this. Even though there are such ideas so far it took a lot of time and effort to make it an actual product, but now it is feasible to realize with this speed feeling.

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