SOFTBANK's premobile with Samsung terminal 740SC main unit price of 2079 yen

Chariderman does not have a mobile phone. However, as it is inconvenient for meetings and contacts as it is, I tried to contract newly. It also worked a bit. However, because it will not be used immediately, long-term contracts can not be done. When I looked for information there, I found that SOFTBANK's prepaid cell phone is cheap. Recharge for 3000 yen is necessary, but you can get a new mobile phone at 2079 yen. I got it there was Samsung mobile phone 740SC released in October 2009.

Hello,Takuya Sudo @ circle around the world bicycle @ Charridermanis. I am temporarily returning home. Getting a SIM card in Japan was harder than in Africa.

Softbank's mobile phone was at hand, so I planned to contract the White Plan once more, and I was proceeding with the SoftBank Shop. But I gave it up because I was told unexpected things "It will cost 9975 yen cancellation fee if you cancel within 2 years." I do not understand recent cellular services ... ....

So, looking for prepaid as well as Africa, I cheaply found a set of phone type and calling charges. Even if you make a new contract with a model, an administrative fee of 3150 yen will be charged. Also, if it is an ordinary contract fee will be charged on a monthly basis. That is why I felt that the prepaid plan was profitable. It is a price setting "What is the cost?", So this time I bought it to the main body with interest. Because I wanted to get only the SIM card, I ran through, but it seems there is no stock in the local.

SoftBank 740SC | SoftBank

740SC - Overview | SAMSUNG

◆ Basic specifications
Weight: Approximately 107 g
Size: width 50.5 mm × height 100 mm × thickness 14.99 mm
Continuous talk time: about 250 minutes (3 G) / about 350 minutes (GSM)
Continuous standby time: about 500 hours (3 G) / about 450 hours (GSM)
Display size: 2.6 inches
Display resolution: 320 × 240 dots (QVGA)
Display method and number of colors: TFT · Up to 260,000 colors
Number of effective pixels · Imaging device: 2 million pixels · CMOS
External memory: microSDHC / 4 GB
One Seg: None
Music player: ○
Bluetooth: None
Infrared communication: ○

◆ 740 SC body

Outer case.

The contents are simple, it is main body and explanation, pre-mobile service guide.

Although the charger is not attached, since the charging terminal is common, it can substitute. I am using the 815SH charger that I used before.

Body surface. The SoftBank logo is marked on the right.

The back of the main unit.

It has a 2 megapixel camera lens here.

On the right side is a microSD card slot and earphone jack.

On the left side are infrared ports and buttons for adjusting the volume.

There was a charging terminal and an incoming lamp on the bottom.

It was nominally 107 g in weight, but it was measured 102 g.

Compared to the 815SH on hand, the 740SC is thin and compact.

Try to display the menu. Besides telephone and e-mail, it can be used as a calendar, alarm clock alarm, music player. There were 1 calculator, 2 currency / unit conversion, 3 world clock, 4 notepad, 5 schedule list, 6 voice recorder, 7 stopwatch, 8 English-Japanese / Japanese-Japanese dictionary, and useful functions that can be used overseas .

There is only a Korean mobile phone, so Hangul can beat it. Although it was impossible by E-mail, I could enter it with SMS.

◆ SOFTBANK's prepaid service "PreMobile"

740 SC uses voice call and mail.

There is only prepaidValidity periodthere is. You have to think about it separately into two categories: credit usage validity period and telephone number validity period. There is no problem with both outgoing and incoming calls while credit is in effect, but recharging is necessary when credit runs out even within the valid period. When the credit runs out and the validity period expires, you can enter the phone number validity period, except for emergency calls, only incoming calls can be made. This phone number is kept for 360 days.

The validity period of the credit is 60 days. Regardless of 3000 yen, 5000 yen, if you recharge once, 60 days validity period extends. If you recharge 2 times with a 3000 yen card leaving 10 days, it will be 10 + 60 + 60 and the validity period of the credit will be 130 days. If there is a balance of 1000 yen at the time of recharge, 7000 yen of 1000 + 3000 + 3000 will be available within 130 days validity period.

Since it is prepaid, there is no basic usage fee. Call charge is 9 yen for 6 seconds. Calculating that you recharged 3000 yen at 90 yen per minute, you can speak for 33 minutes. It is cheaper to use a public phone ((Telephone charges for general subscriber phones / public phones to SOFTBANK MOBILE phones). However, the mail service is available for 300 days at 30 days.

You can set up the mail service on premobile by calling "1400". If you call this "1400" you can also check the balance and validity period.

Even pre-mobile could change to my favorite e-mail address.

Y! For 740 SC. I have a button, but Yahoo! It is not connected to.

Although this pre-mobile is prepaid, when cancellation is done within one year,Contract release fee(9975 yen) is required. When I heard the explanation, I was confused as to what I was saying, but when I looked it seems it was a move-out measure by MNP (number portability). Each company, campaign to cash back when transferring by MNP had been established, so it seems that the number of pre-mobiles available cheaply was convenient.

◆ Price

It was sold for 5079 yen including telephone call fee for 3000 yen.

Bulk model price is 2079 yen. Previously in the article "Nokia 1280 is cheap"It was not a ratio of Japan, though. Excuse me.

A receipt when I got it at SoftBank Shop. I can really buy it for 2079 yen. (Including credits for 3000 yen)

I thought I got it I got, but more attractive "Dynapocket SoftBank X02TThere was a model called.

Here the total price for the model was 1029 yen. can not believe.

Dynapocket SoftBank X02T | SoftBank Mobile at SoftBank's online shop! | SOFTBANK MOBILE

About SIM card

There was a SIM card behind the battery pack.

The pre-mobile SIM card contains the word Prepaid.

I will line up with the regular contract SIM card.

740 SC does not work when this SIM card is not installed.

It does not recognize even if you attach SIM card in South Africa. SIM seems to be locked.

However, the SIM card of SOFTBANK normal contract borrowed to the family is recognized normally.

Here, Y! Press the button and Yahoo! It was connected to.

If it is the reverse pattern, prepaid SIM card can be used with SoftBank Mobile 815SH.

Even if the other party is a prepaid mobile phone, in the white planCall freeIt is subject to. So it may be interesting to keep it as a mobile phone only for incoming calls. In this case, the model price can be maintained at 2079 yen, the monthly basic charge can be maintained at 1500 yen (30 days).

Also, people who like to stay short-term stay in Japan are also useful. This time it leads to this mobile work at Mt. Fuji.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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