I succeeded in obtaining "Ameba Pig's server (temporary)", I carefully examined it and tried taking a picture

Operated by CyberAgent 'sAmeba Pigg(Ameba Pigg) "AvatarIt is a service that can create chat, game, etc, and it has over 10 million users and it is one of the leading huge sites in Japan.

Ameba Pig | Free for play! Let's enjoy it exactly like a character!

This time from GIGAZINE readers, there was a story saying "When I purchased server parts at an auction site, there is a trace like that used by Ameba Pig," and I was able to send the real thing to every corner I decided to put it in a picture.

A cardboard box arrived.

There is a server machine enclosed in a cushioning material.

The contents are five in all.

The basic parts configuration is almost the same, power supply and motherboard are arranged on transparent acrylic board.

The back side looks like this.

The acrylic board has tags written with numbers such as "2" and "4".

Also those with a seal written as "PIGG" "WAP 21". As a result of the existence of this indication, the reader who gave me this story this time seems to have come to think that "This is probably about that ameba pig."

This is "pigg-chat 38".

"Pigg-info 03" is written.

◆ I tried to verify that it is a genuine ameba pig server

So, what exactly was the server used in Ameba? It can be confirmed by looking at the following blog.

Homebrew server supporting Ameba so far and now | Cyber ​​Agent Official Engineer Blog

The photos of the machine on the above page are as follows. By the way, this is what the server engineer of the company shoots by myself and introduces it by blog.

I found a label written "NDJ 00214" on the corner of the main body.

And the machine which GIGAZINE got this time is like this, the parts composition etc. are the same.

Label number also exactly matches.

I can not say that it is 100% same, but if it looks like this up to this point it is no doubt that it is the same machine, so after exchanging the server the old machine will go to a second hand contractor or a waste dealer and an auction It is thought that it passed to the purchaser's hand after going through.

◆ Part Detail

The memory slot looks like this.

CPU socket.

The power supply is equipped with Nipron PC12U - 200P - X2SH.

According to the transcend 2G DDR2 800 DIMM, those who stole the memory "Memory was stuck in only one pair at the time of purchase".

Intel Core 2 Quad Processor Q 8400 (2.66 GHz) CPU.

◆ I tried assembling

Installation completed.

Also connect HDD. In addition, this part was not something that was sold at auction but the one prepared by the reader who gave the story.

Once you finish attaching necessary parts, it looks like this. Although it is possible to start the machine when connected to the power supply, it can not be used because OS installation etc. are not done.

I contacted CyberAgent about whether these servers were really used in Ameba or not, but I waited for about a week, but at the moment I have not received any answers at all.

In addition, when I asked GIGAZINE about the background of this "Ameba Pig's server (temporary)" brought in, it was roughly as follows.

· Around the end of May
As infrastructure for operating the web service under development, we will start looking for new and old items that can be obtained in large quantities inexpensively.

· In early June
At the auction site I found a motherboard with power which was unconfirmed · junk treated and asked the stock, "I can prepare a desired number" so I bid one for confirmation. Successful bid completion, transfer.

· One day in June
Arrival, unpacking. I noticed the trace as if the adhesive seal was peeled off, but I did not particularly care at this time. There is no problem in operation, dismantling for parts removal. In order to secure the necessary number, direct bargaining with the seller, including budget consolidation. The remaining seven, there is also possibility of re-arrival, it is said.

· Mid June
arrival. We perform unpacking work for confirming the operation, but at that time we found tag seals on almost every individual. There is no problem in all operations. I began to investigate about tag seals that I was concerned about while working, surprised by cyber agent 's server - like thing, I am a half - trusted thoughtfully I will burn it to acquaintance.

· Late June
We got the same mounter as the public material on the web and confirmed the matching of the screw holes.

· End of June
The number of orders and the real number do not match and the reordering individuals arrive. The tag seal was peeled off.

· One day in July
I have found the individual with the same identification number as the individual that was posted in the cyber agent's server document, confident is strengthened, I dare to GIGAZINE, and it reaches the present.

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