Gifts for the summer of 2012 "Please answer the questionnaire and bring them all"

Summer is coming soon, many students who are already in the middle of summer vacation and those who will rush into summer vacation from tomorrow. For society people also say that the Bon festival is near now, we will release products that make each summer even more enjoyable as a gift proposal.

This time, a high-spec tablet "ICONIA TAB A700" with full HD 10.1-inch screen + Tegra 3 + Android 4.0 installed, "GPS Cyber-shot DSC-TX 300 V" with optical 5X zoom, "PlayStation Vita dedicated software"Dokuro"Protective film" BUFF "that is OK even if attacked by iPhone with a hammer or kitchen knife," T-shirt that can not be worn absolutely abroad ", Brown's shaver" Series 7 790cc-5 ", Petanque with walls and ceiling We have prepared 50 kinds of gifts for the products reviewed by GIGAZINE, such as the camera stand "Monsterpod" which can be pasted in places and shot.

What kind of people are reading GIGAZINE? Although it also serves as a questionnaire, it is extremely appreciated that people who answered "even if you do not need a present but can cooperate with the questionnaire!" So, the application method of gifts planning and premium list etc. are from the following.

Application period
From Saturday, July 21, 2012, 00: 00 - Sunday, August 5 until 23: 59.

◆ Winner announced
As for the winner, since the mail arrives from the GIGAZINE editorial department until the email address at the time of entry after August 6 (Monday), it is ok if you can reply to the mail address of the shipping destination in the form of replying to the mail. Also, please be aware that the e-mail notification e-mail is treated as spam with high probability, and there are so many cases that it is delayed to notice that we have won the prize so much that it is messed up so please be careful. At least notice to the first prize winner arrives during August 6 (Monday), after that the rights will be transferred to the second winner, the third winner ... ... successively unless the first winner reply It is a mechanism that moves. So, it is "after August 6 (Monday)".

◆ Gift list
Please enter the number as "1" or "2" in "Number of gift you want" on the application page. If gifts are unnecessary, please write "None".

◆ Gift number "01": Full HD 10.1 inch screen + Tegra 3 + Android 4.0 loaded high-spec tablet "ICONIA TAB A 700"(1 person)
The CPU is NVIDIA's Tegra 3 (1.3 GHz), with four cores and one battery saver core. The system memory is 1GB DDR2, the internal storage is 32GB.

The body weight is about 665 grams, and it is a level that does not become a burden even if one hand is held for a short time.

The size is 260 in width × 175 mm in length, it is a long shape next to iPad when compared.

The shipment of ICONIA TAB A 700 will be after mid August.

◆ Gift number "02": Water resistant, 10 consecutive shots per second · Full HD movie compatible, GPS · optical with 5x zoom zoomCyber-shot DSC-TX300V"(1 person)
DSC-TX300V is in a special case.

Try opening it like this.

The contents are main body, AC adapter, micro USB cable, wrist strap, paint pen, cleaning cloth, multistation.

It looks like the main body is seen from the front.

This is the back.

DSC-TX 300V can also send photos to iPhone, Android smartphonePossible. It can also take 10 consecutive shots per second.

◆ Gift number "03": It is easy to understand which key is an oversized letter and what is "Eye friendly keyboard"(1 person)
It is in a package like the following.

Array is Japanese 112 key and connect with PC with USB cable. Size is 450 mm wide × 145 mm long × 24 mm thick.

Since the alphabet is written in the whole key, you can see the location of the key at a glance.

◆ Gift number "04": "Choro Q" decides destiny Life game 50th work "Life game GO! GO!"(1 person)

The contents are like this.

This is a game board.

Although the pieces of the life game are car type, this time it is "Choro Q".

In addition to the game board, we have treasure cards and professional cards.

Since it has been used in the review, several cards are separated.

◆ Gift number "05":BraunElectric shaver "Series 7 790 cc - 5" (1 person)

A special case comes with the shaver.

Here is the shaver body.

The back is like this.

Holder that cleans the shaver alcohol is also included. In addition to dropping beard debris, it can eliminate germs and suppress the occurrence of smells, and there is no need to mention oil after use.

Here is how you put the shaver in the holder.

◆ Gift number "06": Subway barrier free map "Epikedia"Kyoto version 10, Yokohama version 4 copies, Osaka Umeda underground labyrinth etc. to help capture the map"Osaka Easy Track Transit Map4 sets of sets (1 person)

There are two types of pede, Yokohama and Kyoto.

Inside the station entrance and exit considering the movement on the barrier-free route and the route of transfer are drawn with a three-dimensional illustration.

Below is the Osaka Easy Track Transit Map where maps of complicated Osaka Umeda underground etc. are stereoscopically written. Since both are multi-part sets, it is also ant to distribute to friends and acquaintances who are lost in the way.

◆ Gift number "07": Amazon alarm clock, price dot com towel, you can change the appearance of the cardboard box just by sticking "X Tape, BIGLOBE's Medicated Hand Lotion · Pocket Sticky Notes,How nice! JAPAN Social AwardA set of calendar and memo pads (for 1 person)
The Amazon alarm clock has one each of orange and black.

Two kinds of hand towel are red and blue.

It looks like this when spreading out.

X Tape has 4 types of hinges, sliding door lock (tower bolt), binder (o-ring), leather belt (strap).

An example of use is here. Other things in the articleReviewdoing.

BIGLOBE Medicated Hand Lotion, Pocket Sticky Notes are five each.

Medicated hand lotion seemingly looks like a pen.

When you open the cap you can see that it is a spray type.

The sticky note is like this.

How nice! JAPAN Social Award's calendar · memo pad is here.

There is a calendar and memo pad inside.

◆ Gift number "08": Looks like Nikon and Canon's high-class lensShot glass3 pieces × 2 boxes, made exactly like Nikon and Canon's high-end lensTumbler4 sets (1 person)
There are two types of shot glasses: Nikon and Canon.

It is 3 boxes per box. This is Canon.


It is like this when it is up.

There are four types of tumblers made exactly like Nikon and Canon's exclusive lenses: Nikon Camera Lens Mug Extra Tall and Nikon Camera Lens Mug Original, Canon Camera Lens Mug White, Canon Camera Lens Mug Black.

This is Nikon Camera Lens Mug Extra Tall. Nikon's telephoto lens for full size machine "AF-S NIKKOR 70-200 mm f / 2.8 G ED VR IIWater bottle made with a design like ___ ___ 0

Since the part of the scale that displays the magnification is a bit clear, please be consented.

By the way the lens cap at the bottom is not removed.

Canon Camera Lens Mug Black "EF 24 - 105 mm F 4 L IS USMIt is a tumbler that reproduced.

Nikon Camera Lens Mug Original "AF-S NIKKOR 24-70 mm f / 2.8 G EDTumbler that reproduces the appearance of "

Canon Camera Lens Mug White "EF 70-200 mm F 2.8 L USMIt is a tumbler that reproduced.

Canon Camera Lens Mug White comes with a case made of cloth made of Canon logo.

◆ Gift number "09": New sensation flying blowing Domino "Stick Bomb"(1 person)
"Stick Bomb" is a domino using an ice cream stick and the like, it flew in chains rather than falling down.

Two special bags are included in the inside.

I will play together like this.

◆ Gift number "10": a toothless dirt that can be dropped without banging the garbage attached to the broom "Broom-Groomer"(1 person)

The part of the handle looks like this.

It is possible to quickly drop the garbage on the broom which can not be taken easily.

◆ Gift number "11": Laptop PC screen can be output full HD on wireless LAN without jamming cable "PTV 2000"(1 person)
In addition to the main unit, the power supply and the HDMI cable are combined.

The main body size is 138 mm in width × 32 mm in height × 106 mm in depth, 180 g in weight and compact size regardless of installation location.

The back side looks like this. From the left of the photo, it is power supply, reset button, HDMI terminal, composite video terminal.

◆ Gift number "12": FM transmitter that can play music by wirelessly connecting smartphone and car audio "JF-BTFM 2K"(1 person)
JF - BTFM 2K package is here. It connects with the smartphone with Bluetooth, and it is structured to transfer the music being played to the car stereo with FM radio waves.

The body looks like this.

Since there is a USB terminal, it is possible to connect a smartphone and charge it.

The power source uses a cigar socket in the car. It is ok if you put it in like this.

After that, if you play music using iTunes or YouTube, music will flow from the car stereo.

◆ Gift number "13": Mickey mouse shapeNew Year 's Heaven(1 person)
Besides weight, celebration chopsticks and furoshiki are set as a set.

Heaviness is three layered.

On the side is "HAPPY NEW YEAR" and a lively character.

A small bowl of Mickey type follows, too.

In the four corners of the furoshiki, Mickey's face,Little MermaidSeahorse comes out on.

◆ Gift number "14": Idea product to make comfortable use of PC and reading experience in Goro sleeping style "Scribe"(1 person)

When putting the PC it is possible to keep the angle of Naname moderately and it is easier to strike the key even if you lie down with Goron.

You can also fix the page like this when reading a book.

You can be hooked on the back of the chair or the edge of the bed in the same way as "S shaped hook".

◆ Gift number "15":Secret society Hawk's nail set(1 person)
It is a set of 3 T-shirts, 3 key-holders (Yoshida-kun, Dr. Leonardo each), key holders (Yoshida-kun, Dr. Leonardo each), Pochette, two sticky notes, two part outside the Anikan issue, Muyunyuu mascot (Yoshida-kun, Dr. Leonardo each)

T-shirts have three sizes of S, M, L. Dr. Leonardo on the surface.

Mr. Yoshida is printed on the reverse side.

◆ Gift number "16": Visitor's T-shirt that you should never wear on a trip "USB memory, plug adapter set (1 person)
Two T-shirts (S size), USB memory, plug adapter are one set.

USB memory and plug adapter are in this case like this.

The owl, which is the mascot character of ...

It is USB memory.

Two kinds of plug adapters are one set.

The mouth is like this.

T - shirts are lined with hand signs that are supposed to be abroad. Both sizes are S size.

◆ Gift number "17": made by Harrio Glass made it easy and fashionable to wish to drink a lot of good coffee "Drip decanter", The latest work of glass cups sold 4 million pieces"Tea Maru - CHAMARU -"Hariotic Coffee "Cafe All" "One Cup · Cafe All", Hot Cafe Glass Set (1 Person)

This is drip decanter. The body and dripper are one set.

Heat-resistant glass is used, and a silicone cover with a heat-resistant temperature of about 180 ° C is attached so that it can be held even if the container becomes hot.

The tea circle - CHAMARU - is made of glass parts, heat resistant temperature is about 120 degrees.

Hariio Coffee "One Cup · Cafe Aur"

When putting coffee put the dripper on the glass.

Inside is like this.

Hot cafe grass

Hariio Coffee "Cafe All"

◆ Gift number "18": a small bird-type portable speaker that can connect with sparrows feeling in line with Chunchun "The Lenz"3 pieces (1 person)

It is in a box like this.

Besides the main body there are connection cables and storage bags.

The part of the stomach has become a speaker, when opening by pushing "Push" part there are 3.5mm mini earphone terminal and mini USB terminal.

◆ Gift number "19": Connect with the iPhone and find the thing to search for by melody and vibration "Bug tag"(1 person)
The bug tag is a prevention gadget that can find out how to use it by sound and vibration when saying "I do not know where you put the iPhone in the bag!", Or you can find out how to use it by searching by sound and vibration from the iPhone.

Looking from the front like this.

Since the clip is attached to the back, it is also possible to attach it to a pocket etc. of trousers.

◆ Gift number "20": Pen ballpoint pen for firearms manufacturer "Tactical pen"(1 person)
A tactical pen has a function as a ballpoint pen, but it can be used as a self-defense tool in case of emergency.

You can use it as a ballpoint pen by removing the cap on the other side.

◆ Gift number "21": Quick release button is convenient when taking off pants quickly "Brani Belt"(1 person)
Belt is "HytrelIt is made of materials used for sunglasses frames and camera grips, which are said to be superior in strength.

Wearing place is like this.

◆ Gift number "22": Camera base that can be pasted in various places such as walls and ceilings and shot "Monsterpod"3 pieces (1 person)

Walls, chairs and metal racks are also covered in large gaps.

I will stick to your pet with such feeling.

◆ Gift number "23": You can massage gums even if you can not polish with a toothbrush with a water jet "Doltz Jet Washer"(1 person)
The size is 256 mm in length × 174 mm in width × 84 mm in depth.

In addition to the main unit, spare nozzle and nozzle storage base follow.
◆ Gift number "24": Power supply tap that can bend Kunekune even with a big AC adapter and insert it all "Pivot Power"Power conversion adapter that can be connected to the world's outlet with eight changes"Gorcon"Overseas compatible adapter02 Type, For traveling abroadGlobal plugSet for 1 person
It is packaged in a bent state.

The main body is here. It is 6 power taps.

Since it is possible to set the angle at which the devices that are aligned by bending the main unit do not interfere with each other, you can use all the insertion ports without blocking the side holes.

There are 3 pins. In Japan, you can insert it if it is a thing of three holes called "grounding polarity outlet".

Power conversion adapter that can be connected to the world's outlet by 8 change "Gorcon"Overseas compatible adapter02 Type, For traveling abroadGlobal plugThe set is from below.

The Gorcon Plus USB RW 91 can be adapted to almost all countries' outlets by transforming it into eight shapes, and it also has a USB adapter for charging iPad etc.

Overseas compatible adapter 02 type.

This is a global plug for traveling abroad.

◆ Gift number "25": USB memory that one can be used separately for work and privateSplit Stick"Thumb size USB flash memory with HDD-like appearance"MINI HARD DISK USB DRIVE"Dual terminal compatible with both smartphone and PC"Perfect USB memory"Adapter for SD card that can see pictures etc. on iPhone and wireless LAN ad hoc connection"AirStashSet of 1 (for one person)
Split Stick The size of the body is 23 mm long by 67 mm wide.

Using a slider in the center pushes the insertion port and feels like this.

You can also extrude the terminal on the other side in the same way, so you can distinguish one side for work and the other for household use.

MINI HARD DISK USB DRIVE is a miniature HDD type flash memory that can be inserted in the USB port. The capacity is 8 GB.

I grab the size with my fingertips.

The back is like this.

When pushing the slider with the unevenness on the back, the terminal for inserting into the USB port comes out.

When you insert it in the USB terminal, the blue LED will fire.

Perfect USB memory package looks something like this. Since it has both a USB terminal and a micro USB terminal, you do not have to bother to bother connecting the data on the smartphone to the PC. It can also be used like a normal USB memory.

The exterior is made of aluminum, the size is vertical 73 mm × width 18 mm.

Here is the USB terminal.

Micro USB terminal on the other side.

IPhone and wireless LAN Adapter for SD card where you can see pictures etc. on ad hoc connection AirStash is from the following.

When removing the cap it looks like this.

When inserting the SD card into AirStash, you can browse and download the data inside from the iPhone.

It looks like this during charging, as the orange light shines, energization can be confirmed. According to nominal data, it seems that you can use continuously for up to 7 hours with charging for about 2 hours.

◆ Gift number "26": Protective film that is safe to attack "iPhone" with hammer or knifeBUFF"2 sheets,"Protection FilmThree (1 person)

PROTECTION FILM Three kinds of antimicrobially coated finger proof (clear film), antimicrobially coated finger proof (antiglare), diamond coat (clear film).

The contents are like this.

BUFF is for the front two.

The contents are here.

Even if you scratch the surface with crackles with scratch, it will not hurt.

◆ Gift number "27": Take a picture of the side while showing the camera as shooting ahead of you "Spy lens", A lens cap that can adjust the camera's white balance to fit anytime and anywhere"The White Balance Lens Cap"(1 person)

Seven adapters with 49 mm, 52 mm, 55 mm, 58 mm, 62 mm, 67 mm, 72 mm, 77 mm aperture are attached to the spy lens. This is a step-down ring, attached to the lens of the left caliber of the written numbers and converted to the aperture of the right.

Here is a lens cap that can adjust the white balance of the camera to fit anytime and anywhere. The lens cap is for 62 mm lens aperture.

The body looks like this. A spare dome set slightly higher color temperature is attached.

◆ Gift number "28": Insert the car into the drink holder to make storage space "Travelstack"(1 person)

By the way, it does not fit in Japanese cars, so it can only be used with foreign cars.

◆ Gift number "29": Protect iPhone with extremely thick aluminum plate "1 inch armored case"(1 person)
Assemble the following items and install them on the iPhone. Since a dedicated wrench for fastening screws is included, there is no need to prepare a separate tool.

It looks like this when I installed it on the iPhone. The size is 138 mm in length × 81.8 mm in width × 39.6 mm in thickness.

Since 1 inch armored case is reviewed, it is in the following state. please note that.

◆ Gift number "30": PlayStation Vita exclusive software "DokuroThree (three people)
The story is that the protagonist's skull rescues a crowded princess. It is a picture view like a picture book drawn by choke touch.

C GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

This is the hero's skull. Poor poor existence that you can not see from the princess though you betrayed the devil to help the princess.

Double tapping the screen transforms the skull into a handsome man, and by tapping the back touch pad on the other hand, the handsome will turn into a skull. It is to use the different skills of "skull" and "handsome" separately and advance the game.

The play screen looks like the following.

◆ Gift number "31": Anime set (1 person)
Fate / Zero Drawn by Mr. Atsutani Ikutani Duplicate two types of postcard,Machi ★ Asobi vol.8Six Memorial Admission Tickets (Expired),Animate Tokushima storeT shirt, Tokyo International Anime Fair 2008 "Shakugan no Shana II" memo pad × 2, "Truth · Sangoku Musou 4 Empires" Notepad,Wonder Festival 2012 [Winter]Souvenir coaster · 3 badges each, Royal host "WORKING !!"Fair's coaster & two sets of flags,"Kofi gals' coffeeTwo 3D postcards, "Merida and the Morning ForestAdvance ticket privilege strap

◆ Gift number "32": portable water purifier that can be stored compactly and lightweight and easy to carry"Drip Delios-H",It is 80% lighter than a regular water bottle · Space saving · It is possible to drink while keeping it in a bag"Platypus"Set for 1 person
In the package of Drip Deli - H, containers and filters are included.

The container is made mainly of polyethylene, it is very lightweight.

Filter is here.

Water bottle (water bag) using special film Platypass has three types of "plus bottle 1.0L", "Platypass 2", "Big Zip SL 2.0L" set.

2 liter size left from Platypus 2, Big Zip SL with tube 2.0 L, plus bottle 1.0 L container.

The tube that comes with Big Zip SL 2.0L looks like this.

◆ Gift number "33": You can spend comfortably even on the ground with decocted "U.L. Comfort System Pad 180", U.L. Comfort System Pillow Set (1 person)

Repair parts such as adhesives and tapes are attached to U. L. Comfort System Pad 180.

Breathe in and inflate and use. The size is vertical 180 × width 50 cm.

A cautious 180-centimeter man lies down and feels like this.

U.L. Comfort System Pillow also comes with repair parts such as adhesive and tape.

When inflated it is like this.

◆ Gift number "34": Powerful USB fan with Sirocco fan"FAN-U 20"White and black one each (1 person)

USB cable matching the main body color is attached. The size is 63 mm in width × 100 mm in depth × 100 mm in height, the maximum power consumption is 500 mA.

◆ Gift number "35": Small Outdoor Generator that boils hot water while charging firewood and smartphone"Biolite Camp Stove"2 pieces (1 person)
The contents are a stove / charger, USB cable, ignition agent.

There are two sets of biolite camp stoves in one set.

The main body is in the staff bag.

Ignition agent is brown stick type, you can use it by tearing by hand.

The main body is here. One of the two has been reviewed. Please note.

There is a generator in the stove.

When you connect iPhone you will see "Charging in progress" properly.

◆ Gift number "36": Nyanko typeEarphone jack cover2 types (1 person)

Looking up it is like this.

I inserted it in the earphone jack of the iPhone.

Behind the scenes.

The back side type is like this.

◆ Gift number "37": A single hexagonal pillar compatible stereo output and microphone input "Sound Blaster Axx SBX 8"
Sound Blaster Axx SBX 8 is an external speaker of USB connection which can easily improve the sound quality of movies and music to be played on PC. The body and the USB cable are set.

Connecting to PC is like this.

◆ Gift number "38": To make it possible to shoot and organize the content written on the whiteboard with a smartphoneShot note White board type"(1 person)
Shot note White board type allows you to record straight images with no distortion by applying automatic correction when you shoot with smartphone by hitting a marker exclusive to the sheet so that you can easily record the shooting date and filename It is a product.

The back is a magnet, so you can paste on a whiteboard like this.

◆ Present number "39": It can stimulate the scalp with air pressure (pneumatic pressure) and electric vibration and can relax "Breo mondiale hesd spa"(1 person)
AC adapter, 4 AA batteries (for testing), earphones and body and controller are set.

When attached to the head it looks something like this.

◆ Gift number "40": Demons of a vacuum cleaner have made a commitment and level that seems to have been made "Airsis MC-SXD 410"(1 person)
Airsis MC - SXD 410 has a very strong suction power and sucks in without leaving any dust that falls in the corner of the room.

Compact storage is possible.

◆ Gift number "41": From the survival after the collapse of the civilization to the do-it-yourself carpenter, the most powerful multi tool that put useful tools useful for every scene in the palm size "Leather mercharge"(1 person)
Besides the main body, a case and a bit for replacement are attached.

It can be deformed into pliers, knives, corrugated knives, files, saws and so on.

This is a plier.


Wave knife.



Try opening a Leather Man charge.

Here are small scissors, large flathead screwdriver, small screwdriver.

Drivers, can opener and bottle opener.

Since there are scales of inches (upper) and centimeters (lower) in the part of the handle, it becomes an easy ruler.

The driver can change bits.

◆ Gift number "42": About 63 centimeters in lengthTokyo Sky Tree ShakeContainer (1 person)

◆ Gift number "43": "RockDisk"Homebrew kit model, mobile speaker with built-in lithium-ion battery for 10 hours continuous play"RockRizmSet of 1 (for one person)
Here is RockDisk self-made kit model.

The inside of the case looks like this.

RockRizm is a mobile speaker that can be connected to Bluetooth compatible devices such as smart phones, personal computers, and game consoles from a distance of up to 10 meters wirelessly. In addition to the main body, a USB cable is attached.

Looking from above it looks like this. There are buttons in the shape of a cross.

The back is here.

◆ Gift number "44": Navi for bicycle + Speedometer + Route recording function etc. equipped with "Potanabi"(1 person)

Contents look like this. In addition to the main body, USB cable for charging and sensors are set.

DoCoMo's SIM card is also included. Potanabi's data communication function can be used free for 2 years.

It is like this when actually attaching it to a bicycle.

◆ Gift number "45": Load tolerance 100 kg · 4-wheel running stability etc. Tough and realistic carry bag to respond to selfish demand "Commerzo III"(1 person)
L (left) is 48 x 49 cm wide, the capacity is about 29 liters and the weight is 3.6 kg. S is 44 centimeters by 40 centimeters, the capacity is about 18 liters and the weight is 3.1 kilos.

The back is like this.

It seemed like I opened it with a hanger.

When opening the fastener on the front, the storage space with multiple pockets inside.

There is a storage space with a partition inside the fastener on the back.

◆ Gift number "46": absorb heat only by laying "Chemical formula laptop cooler super cool"(1 person)

The size is width 395 × height 290 mm, weight is about 930 grams.

The back side looks like this.

The thickness is about 9 mm.

It is like this when putting a notebook PC on top of a toler.

◆ Gift number "47": Thin case to make it safe to use in a bath or kitchen while balancing the waterproof function and the design of the iPad "SoftBank SELECTION Waterproof case for iPad"(1 person)

Body size is vertical 256 × width 201 × 11 mm thick, the front side made of polycarbonate. Weight is about 198 grams.

Just put "iPad" in the inside and close the lid when wearing. In addition, gifts are only cases, iPad is not included.

◆ Gift number "48": You can sit for long queue waiting for you to spend comfortably and carry your luggageOutdoor carry chair"(1 person)
The size of the luggage compartment is 33 × width 21 × depth 54 cm. When using as a carry, fold like this.

When I expand the chair it looks something like this.

In addition, the orange outdoor carry chair has torn part of the belt connecting carry and luggage compartment during review. please note that.

◆ Gift number "49": Folding table with storage space that you can carry around like a bag "Multi-kitchen table"Convenient for waiting queue, compact and durable 362 grams of outdoor chair"Ultra light chair C1-55Set of 1 (for one person)
Looking from the front in a folded state like this. The weight is about 7.2 kg.

When opening the table it looks something like this. The height of the assembled state is about 81 cm. Pockets on both sides.

Ultra light chair has an outer bag so it is convenient to carry. The size at the time of storage is diameter 75 × length 345 mm.

The chair's weight is about 362 grams.

Actually spreading it looks like this.

◆ Gift number "50":VJAGift card 30,000 yen (1 person)
Ion · Ito Yokado · Isetan etc. It can be used at more than 500,000 stores nationwide.

GIGAZINE.NET gift application form
※ The deadline. Thank you for many applications

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