I tried using "Oven Magic Roast Chicken" without needing time and effort with a heat resistant pouch

Speaking of roast chicken, the outer skin is crispy and it has a taste with flavor such as herbs firmly, but it takes time and time to put the chicken with salt, pepper, garlic, herb, I thought that there was no way to taste roast chicken easily somehow and discovered that Nestle's "Oven Magic Roast Chicken"(240 yen including tax). Put chicken meat and vegetables in a heat resistant pouch and cook the seasoning, and after only baking for 30 minutes in the oven, after simply cooking the pouch is thrown away and it is easy to clean up again. I tried challenging what it is like when I actually cooked it.

Roast chicken with juicy juicy, medium finished plump

Package size is about iPhone. In addition, it seems to be able to serve three or four people with this one.

Raw material is like this.

The calorie per 6 grams of seasoning is 18 kcal. Because the seasoning contains 24 grams in total, it is 72 kcal. In addition, if you cook 600 grams of chicken thigh meat, 200 grams of potatoes, 100 grams of carrot, 1460 kcal (for 4 people).

How to make this is like this. Place chicken and vegetables in a heat resistant pouch and sprinkle with seasoning and bake in the oven. It is rather simple.

The contents of the package are exclusive seasoning, recipe, heat resistant pouch.

The ingredients to prepare are 600 grams of chicken thigh meat, 2 potatoes (200 grams), 1 carrot (100 grams).

Vegetables are cut into bite-sized pieces

Chicken thighs should be cut to about 150 grams OK.

Next, put the chicken thigh in a heat resistant pouch and dip the seasoning, but first preheat the oven to 200 degrees.

When I opened the heat resistant pouch, it looked like this.

A red sticky one is a fastener and it is used to bind the mouth of the heat resistant pouch.

Inside of this heat resistant pouch, first insert chicken thigh meat so that the part of the skin faces upward.

Fly as much as half of the whole dedicated seasoning for chicken thighs.

Next turn over and sprinkle the exclusive seasoning the same way.

Vegetables are kept so as not to overlap with chicken thighs, but vegetables are said to be ok without having to apply seasoning.

When you finish filling everything, try not to let air in the pouch as much as possible, and tie up the mouth part with a clasp.

And if you open the air hole with a toothpick etc near the tying mouth ... ...

Ready! It took about 10 minutes to prepare so far, but if you are a chef who normally cooks vegetables and chicken thigh cuts can do well, it seems to be a little early.

Put it in the preheated oven

Heat it for 30 minutes.

It will be convenient if you cook according to the recipe and it will work out, so you do not have to check each other like fire reduction or burning up and down on the way. In addition, every time, the scented smell burning chicken gets stronger and stronger, you can enjoy the excitement.

That's why 30 minutes passed, so I opened the oven quickly, so I worried "I'm going to rupture" like a balloon like a ballp ... ....

Even though the air temporarily expanded to become a breadpan, there was no worry of bursting if the air hole was opened and it faded as soon as it was taken out. In addition, it is due to the seasoning being heated that the bag is not scorching, that it is black.

When opening the bag, it feels mixed with smell of sweet smell of chicken and sweet smell of vegetables, and it is super scented smell.

I do not put any water, but plenty of moisture from meat and vegetables, somehow like a simmered. Still, this is enough for aura that seems to be good with this.

On the surface of the flesh, tekateka and fat float, and there are pepper in it.

When I tried to break it, I could confirm that the fire took place through the inside. The chicken is soft and the contents which makes it feel the tortoise meat juice firmly. The seasoning is also moderate seasoning and the taste is not too strong, and it makes the taste of the material. It is different from the roasted chicken which is characterized by crispy skin, spatula and paspasa, but this is an ant in this.

The seasoning melts out into the moisture generated inside the pouch and it tastes firmly by soaking into the vegetables. The outside is hokuhoku, but some of the core is somewhat stiff, so it may be better to cut a little smaller than a bite.

Carrobes also have something a little stiff, and those who say "I like soft things if they put it in the mouth" is recommended to cut small.

Looking at the package, it is described as "Juicy! Roasted Chicken", which is more moist than finished roast chicken. So the texture and so on have changed, but the taste of chicken is finished in a fully drawn cuisine, so if you like chicken you can enjoy the taste.

It takes time to bake in the oven, but since it is packaged in pouches and seasonings etc., preparation for preparation, cooking and cleaning are hardly time-consuming, so it's for those who want to enjoy cooking freely.

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