Various phrases that inquire about the toilet circumstances of the unknown world and the location of the toilet

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Culture and customs differ depending on the country and region, but there are many cases where you are in trouble getting in trouble without knowing anything. Even though we are lying down, we can not find a public toilet, and even if we want to use it, the toilet bowl has become extraordinary or there are not many things at a loss as I do not know the subsequent processing although I added it for safekeeping. Traveler's websitetrip advisorI am summarizing the circumstances of such overseas toilets and the phrase to ask the location of the toilet as well as the unknown toilet circumstances in each country is written so it should be useful for those who are planning to go on a trip from now on.

Abroad toilet circumstances Visible to the world with info graphics adviser

◆ Japan
There are various ways to call a toilet such as a washroom, a toilet, a toilet etc. W. C. Although I also see the notation, this is an abbreviation for "Water Closet". Literally translating "small room of water", that is, a flush toilet.

◆ South Korea
The toilet theme park as its name suggests the toilet culture park in the suburbs of Seoul. The former Western-style toilet seat type built by Mayor Suwara was renovated into an exhibition room, and the park is dotted with a statue that adds use.

◆ China
In China, there was an eco-toilet in which pig huts were established under the toilet and food waste from human beings was used as food. There is also a story that there are people who have been bitten by pigs who can not wait and have shocked dead ... ....

When a wastebasket or bucket is placed in a private room of a public toilet, it is the rule to throw used toilet paper out there without draining it. It seems to be because sewer pipes are narrow and clogged depending on the area.

◆ Vietnam
Even in Ho Chi Minh City, which is popular for sightseeing, there are few public restrooms, so it is recommended to use the department store and the hotel's toilet. Also, in Vietnamese the man is called "NAM" and the woman is "NU", so care is required for the toilet notation as it is somewhat similar.

◆ Indonesia
Indonesia has not only western style toilets, but also many toilets including squatting type close to Japanese style. The difference with Japanese style toilets is that they do not have a gold embossment and that they face the door in reverse of Japan and use it.

◆ Malaysia
Malaysia and other Muslim religious toilets usually have hoses, so hold this hose with your right hand and wash your ass with your left hand. As a result, the left hand is made an unclean hand and is not used for meals and greetings.

◆ Philippines
C. toilet in the Philippines R. Is an abbreviation of "Confort Room" (cozy room). But in the case of the Philippine toilet seat there are many types without covers, and it is common to squat down like a frog on it.

◆ Thailand
In Thailand, the number of unisex dual-use toilets that can be used comfortably by people with sexuality disorder is increasing. Toilet marks are half of blue men and red women. It seems that a school equipped with this toilet has appeared.

◆ India
In Japan, the gesture of setting a little finger representing a lover means toilet in India. Even if you can not communicate with words, you can generally understand if you tilt your head with the little finger standing.

◆ United Arab Emirates
In Dubai there are shopping centers and hotels where tourists stop by, Western-style toilets if restaurant. However, on suburban tours, there are many types of Japanese style crocodile.

◆ Australia
The Australian public toilet is often using black lights and blue lights, but this is to make it harder to see blood vessels and not to inject an injection from the perspective of drug prevention.

◆ UK
In the UKLoo of the Year AwardsThere is a toilet award called. A variety of awards are prepared for each area and category, and the title of Loo of the Year Year is presented to the most excellent toilet.

◆ France
In Europe, since the waste was thrown into the alley till the 18th century, the road was dirty with sores and it was invented to protect skirt's hem from dirtHigh heelsIt is said that.

◆ Germany
There are various kinds of toilet secret languages ​​in Japan, but in Germany "Ayer Meyer" corresponds to that. The name of Meyer is very popular in Germany, but the origin of this calling is unknown.

◆ Belgium
Speaking of tourist attraction in Belgium speaks of Manneken Piss in Brussels. There is also a fairy's fountain in the vicinity of the Manneken Peddler who is disappointed as a sightseeing spot, and this is also a realistic image crouching down naked.

◆ Italy
Public toilets in Venice are basically charged and cost 1.5 euro per time. On the website you can purchase toilet cards that can be used twice a day and toilet cards that can be used ten times a week at a discounted rate.

◆ Spain
In Spain, there are many bidets in the toilet either at the hotel or at home, but this is a remnant of having kept the pubic area clean with bidet instead of taking a bath as water was valuable around Spain.

◆ Finland
In Finland, an environmentally advanced country, composted oil that uses microorganisms to decompose human urine to compost is becoming popular. In addition to the villa zone and local families, it is also used by urban collective housing.

◆ Russia
There are few public restrooms, but it is very rare that even if there is a clean place, so it is recommended to use the hotel's or luxury department store's restroom. It is famous also that there are many exposed toilets without toilet seat covers.

◆ Greece
Because there are few public restrooms including stations, it is best to rent a hotel toilet in the city center. Other than that, locals also use fast food shops, cafes, restaurants' restrooms.

◆ Turkey
There are western style and Japanese style toilets, but Japanese style is a washing type unique to the Muslim region called Turkish style. There is a faucet and a pail in the toilet, after washing with crouch, wash the butt with water of the handpick and left hand.

◆ Egypt
The famous diving spot where innumerable toilet bowls roll across the ocean floor is the most pretty resort of Egypt, Sharm el-Sheikh. It seems that a ship loaded with toilets used for hotel sank here.

◆ South Africa
From the viewpoint of both sanitation and security, public toilets are not recommended. It is safe to use a toilet such as a luxury hotel, a secure restaurant of security, a shopping mall and so on.

◆ Kenya
The highlight of Kenya trip is a safari tour, but there is no public toilet in Savannah so if you want to go to the toilet it will be a toilet blend that blends into nature with shadows such as Bush and Ali Mounds.

◆ America
Warm water washing toilet seat which is common sense in Japan. Although it is a toilet seat called a washlette or a shower toilet, actually it is an American company that developed it. However, I can hardly see it in the USA.

◆ Canada
Because there are few public restrooms in Canada, it is common to rent a cafe or a fast food store toilet. Like the United States etc, the door of the private room is open to about the knee length for crime prevention.

◆ Mexico
In Mexico's toilet, the toilet seat cover is often stolen or broken, in which case you will use it uncovered. Some people in the local people add a lot of small and medium in the middle.

◆ Brazil
The topic in Sao Paulo recently is a urinal that plays music. A mechanism that allows you to perform your favorite performance by applying urine to multiple buttons in the toilet. It is installed in several bars in the city.

◆ Peru
Since there are few public restrooms, it is common to get used toilets such as hotels, shopping malls, cafes and so on. It is a common pattern to have a toilet lent to buy water at a grocery store.

Also, the types of typical toilet seats that are used in the world are "three types", "sitting style", "crouching style" and "eclectic style".

These are "large common sense of the toilet" supervised by Junichi Hirata (poplar company) andTOTOIt refers to the home page of the. Let's go on a journey after firmly devoting these things to the head when traveling abroad.

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