Yamada Denki, the largest consumer electronics mass merchant store, bought the best electric appliances and oversold 2 trillion yen in sales

Japan's largest consumer electronics retailer only in the industry, the largest sales with sales exceeding 1 trillion yenYamada DenkiIs No. 8 in the industryBest electric appliancesIt has been reported that the company has strengthened its policy of acquiring.Bic camera embarked on Kojima and became the second largest consumer electronics retailer in the groupHowever, once this acquisition is made, it will be far apart from the second place again.

Yamada Electric acquires Best Electric Appliances Sales exceed 2 trillion yen: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Yamada Denki bought the best electric appliances, the sales scale exceeded 2 trillion yen = news report | Reuters

Yamada Denko to acquire Best Electric Appliances Big Kojima Coalition to Pull apart - MSN Sankei News

Yamada Denki is the second largest shareholder holding 7.5% of the stock of the best electric appliance at the present time, but Yamada Denki underwrites third-party allotment of shares to be implemented by the best electric appliances nearby, and by having a majority or more of the outstanding shares subsidiary I will make it. Total sales of the two companies will exceed 2 trillion yen, which is far greater than the coalition of BIC camera / Kojima made in June. The acquisition amount of stock is seen to be over 10 billion yen.

Although the best electric appliance used to be the number one in the industry in the past, it fell from the first place in 1997, now it is the eighth in the industry. In 2007, we made a business tie-up with BIC camera, BIC camera became the largest shareholder, after that, we increased ownership ratio to over 15% through third-party allotment of shares and became affiliated company under the holding law.

At that time, Yamada Denki was looking for a business tie-up with the best electric appliances, but with the connection with Vic becoming stronger, we were also considering letting go of the stock. However, we never let go of stocks afterwards and have kept our position as the second largest shareholder after Bic camera.

By the way, Yamada Denki commented that the content of this report is not what Yamada Denki himself announced, and there are no facts to make public.

(PDF file)About part of our press relating to our company today

Today, at some press organizations, we are reporting on the underwriting of third party allocation of the Best Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. by the Company, but it is not announced as our company and there are no facts to declare at the present time.

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