Secrets of 11 mm in thickness are "MagicFlip", UltraBook "Aspire S5" real machine review

Ivy Bridge generation Core i 7 - 3517 U (1.9 GHz) was mounted on the body with a thinnest part of about 11 mm and a weight of about 1.2 kgAcerUltrabook 'Aspire S5 S5-391-H74USince I was able to borrow the real machine of 'I decided to investigate usability while touching petapeta to every corner. By the time the article was uploaded, reservation sale started just for this machine, and the price is around 148,800 yen.

The package looks something like this.


The top plate is black in color and has silver "acer" logo decorated.

The bottom is as follows. Removal of the battery is impossible, parts that look like battery looking at the top are notches to move the port to the back.

Foot with rubber slip clasp.

Speakers like this are on the left and right. Although the sound quality feels a bit thinner in the midrange, dissatisfaction is less level if it is considered to be a machine specialized for mobile.

The thinnest part of the main body is about 11 mm, and its thinness is clearly seen from the front.

There is a headphone jack on the right side.

On the left side is a power switch, SD card, MultiMedia card slot installed.

The keyboard looks something like this. The photo is from the English version keyboard.

Isolation type keyboard is a shallow stroke, striking sound is quiet. Although the key is concerned slightly up and down, left and right shake, the key feeling is reasonable.

The volume and brightness can be adjusted with the arrow keys on the front of the keyboard, along with the function keys, and the operation is easy when looking at movies etc with sofa etc.

The width of the trackpad is 97 mm and it can be operated extensively.

You can zoom in and out webpages and images with pinch-in / out using 2 fingers used on smartphones.

Power supply terminal looks like this.

The actual weight of the main body alone is as light as 1199 grams. It is a level that I do not feel a burden even if I carry it in my bag for commuting to work or going to school every day.

The size of the AC power just enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

The weight of the AC power supply included is about 1532 grams, which is convenient when you need a luggage when you need to charge due to a business trip or a stay.

Press the button at the top right of the keyboard ... ....

The port opens. According to Acer, it is said that we are carrying out a test of loading 15,000 times with a weight of 6 kilograms to check the strength of this part, so it is a huge consideration concerning durability consideration.

The state of closing the port on the back is as follows.

"Magic Flip" opens, USB 3.0 x 2, HDMI x 1,Thunderbolt× 1 appears.

Please check in the movie below how it actually moves.

I tried moving "Magic Flip" USB port which protrudes "Aspire A5" with electricity - YouTube

When you start it is like this.

Equipped with 13.3 inch (1366 × 768 dot) display with LED backlight.

We have a webcam of HD quality at the top of the display.

WindowsExperience indexThe score is 5.9.

When browsing the web at room temperature 25 degrees, the temperature of the palm rest is about 28.8 degrees.

The keyboard part just above the heat exhaust opening is also about 30.8 degrees, both lower than the standard body temperature of human beings, and it does not feel uncomfortable when putting hands.

◆ Benchmark

Browser benchmark service using HTML 5 "PeacekeeperThe result score of using IE is 1838.

The score when using this service on Chrome browser is 3367.

Comprehensive benchmark software "Path mark performance test 7"Measured using a score of 1894.8.

Measured in February 2012 with the same software "Let's Note CF-SX 1(Sandy Bridge generation) "when measuring the score was 1253.3.

Also measured in March 2012ThinkPad X220 Tablet(Sandy Bridge generation) "has a score of 1717.6.

"Asprie A5" generally has a higher score than the above two despite being the Ultrabook category thought to be low spec, and the adoption of the Ivy Bridge generation CPU leads to an increase in performance You can see that there is.

"PC Mark 7The score measured with using "6446".

In addition, please check the detailed specifications in the previous article.

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So, people who want a machine with thin, lightweight and unique gimmick are essential checks.

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