Companies listed nominated for Black Enterprise Awards 2012 Summary


At the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Press ClubBlack Corporate Grand Prize 2012A press conference on the award ceremony and symposium holding was held,Nominee companyIt is said that it was announced.

The whole picture of the black corporate grand prize 2012 is revealed

The nominated companies are as follows.

◆ 1:Watami(reference:Painful news (No ∀`): Just 30 minutes break with 15 hours work! Standard work style of Watami employees who commit suicide by overworking in 2 months after joining - livedoor blog)

◆ 2:Weather News(reference:[Death from overwork] Bereaved families sued 'Weathernew' & official text worked Hydoai Mono news: life VIP craftsman blog www)

◆ 3:Sukiya(Zensho)(reference:Sukiya house If you set up for late night 2 people, you will bear a 3.8 billion yen burden \ (^ o ^) / Profit will decrease by 80% Working Mono News: Life VIP craftsman blog www)

◆ 4:SHOP 99PresentLawson store 100)(reference:Painful news (No ∀ `):" Even the time of 80 hours work in 4 days "... ..." SHOP 99 "former store manager, charges overtime for non-payment overtime and depression due to long hours of work - livedoor blog)

◆ 5:Nice to meet you(reference:Skylarking process of overworking death rivalry)

◆ 6:Focus Systems(reference:Kyocera mobile development focus system Young SE, overworking → depression → disappearance → mass drinking → death: MyNewsJapan)

◆ 7:Land supporter(reference:A painful news (No ∀ `): A large bus hit the wall 7 people died, 39 people injurious injuries ... Kanegoshi Expressway - Livedoor blog)

◆ 8:Harvest Holdings(reference:【Picture】 HaVest Holdings President Ooya Doshisha (Tour Planning Company) "Factors that let you go where you do not outsource the night bus": VIPPER News 4 o'clock)

◆ 9:Maru Fuwa(reference:Free lawyer group communication: 1386 Combat company splitting fight against restructuring and win big results - Maruhachi ridiculous dismissal incomplete victory settlement -)

◆ 10:Fujitsu SSL(reference:Kuriho Diary: Workers' Disaster 48 (Fujitsu Social Science Laboratory Incident))

◆ 11:Tokyo Electric Power Company(reference:Summarized news: 【Ignore at work】 TEPCO discovered that it was driving 19 years old employees to commit suicide in bullying this June)

LabornetAccording to Japan, "Nominated enterprises are companies that have" achievements "that did not observe the labor laws, put death from overwork, hostile to labor unions. Each prize is decided by a carefully selected examination by the executive committee, but anyone can participate in "prize (citizen's choice) decided by public vote on the web. The Black Enterprise Awards 2012 award ceremony and symposium will be held at the 6F Hall in the Tamachi Traffic Building on the 28th. "

In fiscal 2012Award resultAre as follows.

Grand Prize: Tokyo Electric Power Company
Citizen Award: Watami (49.8% of total votes counted)
Special Prize: Weathernews
There is no award: Zensho
Industry Prize: SE industry (Focus Systems / Fujitsu SSL)

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